i apolgize for what i did

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i am very sorry to everyone and i apologize for my bad behavior and the actions that i did to my sister's cockatiel, you see, because of my mental disability, i am easily mislead by people, my brain does not fuction notion and i don't understand the concept of my actions, i swear to you that i will never ever do that again, i swear on my grandmother's ashes that i will never do anything to that bird again,

some of you guys may not have heard this, but i was actual in a Skype call with some people that were egging me to do it

this guy named andrew and his mates were constantly ringing me on skype, and were telling me to do rude stuff to the bird, and i kept telling them, "no, i am not going to do it" but i got so angry that i finally gave in, and nearly hurted myself

andrew was the one who was telling me to do most of the shit to the bird, here is andrews skype name "genericuminekoroleplayer"

from now on i will take full responsibility and stand up for myself  

are you guys going to forgive me for my actions.........or not?

P.S: the bird is ok, the fact the it bit me alot, i wouldn't do any harm to it at all
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A) Don't blame a mental disability for your actions.

B) When people bug you over skype, you should BLOCK them.

C) With everything you did to that poor bird, you deserved to get bitten.