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#1: You cannot gradually describe your character more and more until it's obvious that you're describing Burt Reynolds.

#2: A full minute of stunned silence means "My God what did you do?" not "Please continue."

#3: Dead party members, while effective, are not appropriate anti-grenade measures.

#4: Do not look behind you.

#5: When in a superhero RP "Batman" is not considered a super power.


#7: Beware of teenage vampires.

#8: The FBI tends to notice EVERYTHING!

#9: To fly, throw yourself at the ground and miss, do not ride on the back of a bird.

#10: You are not allowed to invent firearms in fantasy RPs.

#11: You are barred from using any form of high explosives.

#12: Using food in fantasy RPs as weapons is outlawed, even if your banana is a sword and your toaster shoots laser beams.

#13: Acting like Edward Cullen will make people hate you.

#14: Looking miserable and covering yourself in sparkles does not make you a vampire.

#15: You are not allowed to Rasengan or Kamehameha people. Nobody likes Anime jokes among the RP community.

#16: You will never be allowed in any body of water.

#17: Silencing a mini-gun is impossible no matter how many silencers you have.

#18: Using focus from The Matrix does not work.

#19: Never join a Wolf Roleplay. If you do, beware of inappropriate actions.

#20: Cheesecake is not a good weapon.

#21: Screaming "I"M RICK ASTLEY" is not the answer to every riddle, and for some reason, it gets on everyone's nerves.

#22: When somebody asks for a Character Sheet, they don't mean they want to know about your character's mid-life crisis.

#23: Aircraft carriers and high powered explosives are not acceptable as weapons. Especially not in Fantasy RPs.

#24: Never cut the red wire.

#25: "Because the door wasn't opening" is not an appropriate excuse for leveling the wall of the hideout with explosives.

#26: Saying "I didn't mean to pull the trigger" is not an excuse for shooting another character to death.

#27: Just because it's a zombie RP, it doesn't mean you instantly have eight guns with twelve crates of ammo.

#28: The use of modified weapons, though awesome, is not recommended.

#29: Although it is effective, driving your car through the wall is not the "correct" way to enter Starbucks.

#30: When firing your blaster, be sure not to do so at the explosive console that your friend is near.

#31: The ability to sing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" with haunting accuracy is not a superpower.

#32: When you are in an RP living in a mansion full of other orphans like you and the cops show up, it's not the best idea to throw a butcher's knife at them.

#33: Slapping a cop or talking back to a cop in an RP also ends badly.

#34: Hugging somebody in an RP can form an awkward moment.

#35: Driving two convertibles into a pool and singing, "Gimme 20 Dollars" is also a bad idea, but it's quite fun.

#36: Breaking into the Camelot Song whilst engaging in a Crusades re-enactment is probably not the most professional thing to do.

#37: Never use Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes.

#38: Being a Knight does not make you the medieval equivalent of an army tank.

#39: Releasing an incurable plague is not the best option to get your players involved.

#40: Your character cannot be concealed by a heavy robe and hood so that you can hide the fact that you made him look like Vincent Price.

#41: Being nice makes people hate you. Being mean makes people hate you. Being funny makes people hate you. Being sarcastic makes people hate you. It's a no-win situation.

#42: Just because you are a robot, does not mean you are allowed to walk through traps designed to kill humans.

#43: Singing any 80's songs will make people feel awkward around you, unless it's Olivia Newton-John.

#44: Being subtle is a foreign concept and most Roleplayers don't understand it.


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