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Hork-Bajir Head Concept



It's been a while, so I figured I'd upload something. I've gotten back into Animorphs recently, so here's a take on my favorite aliens, Hork-Bajir! 

The one on the left (3 horns) is male, and the right (2 horns) female. 

This is from a while back, but I still like it! When I've got more time in the near future I'd like to revisit them and polish up some things, including coming up with a full body design. I also want to design their teeth better; with this design they would have a hard time keeping bark in their mouths while they chew, so they'd probably just tenderize the bark with their beak before swallowing it and breaking it down in a crop like organ. I think having actual lips and teeth that replace themselves over time would be more plausible. 
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These are excellent