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The sense of movement is outstanding, it really makes you fell like you're in the thick of the battle.

Her expression is great as well, she seems focused. Like a true Sith, she isn't really being emotive, she's just centered on killing you.

The perspective is wonderful as well, with her out-stretched arm and the angle looking up it seems as though she just finished a match with the viewer in a .... bisecting manner.

The painted textures work well also, it adds a gritty feel to the act of combat without making it ugly, as the focus is not an ugly character.

The only issue I have with it is her rear seems...nude...I assume that because of the angle you can't see her clothes, but that is a bit distracting at first.

All in all I think it is incredibly well done.

I gave everything but the Originality 5 stars, as it is fanart, but it gets a high rating in that as well because it shows the character differently than other pics I've seen of her.
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