94th Valhalla - Sentinel
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Because of the regiment's previous life as an all infantry force, vehicles are in short supply for the defenders of New Valhalla, and spare parts are even rarer. While many of the regiment's tanks and transports are either salvage left behind in the hasty retreat from Damocles Gulf or stolen outright - and as such are of dubious reliability - one war engine that can be found in abundance is the Sentinel Walker, as many were attached to the regiment itself due to its nature as a vanguard unit, and many more were abondened for the same reason when the Guard withdrew en masse. While light walkers like Sentinels are better suited to anti-infantry roles then as tank hunters the Sentinels of the 94th are forced to work as both, and so most have been fitted with Autocannons as a means of dealing with both lightly armored vehicles and heavy infantry. Though it is considered unwise to attempt such, it is not uncommon for a squad of sentinels to attempt to flank an enemy tank to attack its weaker points, thus allowing the autocannons to potentially take on the likes of a leman russ.
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jailgurdnegative|Hobbyist Digital Artist
A sentinel winning against a leman russ tank? that would be a good sight.
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niner9|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed it would be...so far My sentinel's greatest feat is killing a Terminator in the face and killing it.
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jailgurdnegative|Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha. yay for the sentinel!
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