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Cute Blue Cream Journal Skin



Feel free to install, use and give critique! ^_^
Feedback is really welcome!

Pink Version: [link]

This is a very simple CSS code, but I used lots of tutorials...

Anyway... I only added some codes... The other 'no skin' ones are still working by default.

I changed: blockquote, h2, h3, h5, other minor changes (colours, fonts, margins, etc...)
I added: custom box, feature box, links header, other minor additions (colours, fonts, margins, etc...)

Customize the Skin:
Write your links in the header: Edit Skin > accept conditions > in the Skin Header section you will find < a href="URL address" >Link 1</a> paste the desired url adress and write the name of your link (fox example: My Gallery). Delete the header elements that you don't desire. (If you want the links to be centered don't delete < div align="center" > and the < /div > in the end)
Use HTML codes (blockquote, h1, h2, h5, bold, italics, underline, etc....): [link] [link]
Add custom box and feature box: write in your journal <div class="custom-box">your text here</div> or <div class="feature-box">thumbs and text here</div>. If you don't like to see your text directly on the hearts/dotted background, you can use the custom box as background for your text.

Background: [link]
Tutorials: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
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How do you use the brown custom box ;w;