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stabby peacock man (DnD)

Joined another D&D group, made another bird person, what's new :] Say hello to Valentine, a sweet-talkin' aarakocra assassin with enough charm to knock you off your feet (both figuratively and literally). He's gonna be my first ever evil-aligned character heheh so HERE WE GO

Some backstory:

Born to a rich and powerful, yet extremely authoritarian family in Columba, Valentine instead took to the arts of deception and trickery to gain what he wanted. It didn't help either that he was the "black sheep" of the Pavovian family, always going off by himself while the rest of his family pretended to be unaware of his unsavory activities--which included thievery, extortion, trafficking of poisons and other illegal substances, and later on, assassinations for (and of) certain high-ranking members of the city. 

In the public's eye, however, he is extremely polite and charismatic--nothing but the top standards of a Pavovian and a devout follower of the goddess of beauty. 

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What a gorgeous design, that face is stunning! Lovely birb ~

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Thank you!! qvq His face is quite irresistible hehe
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Oooo, what a handsome character. I've always wanted to do DnD but never had people to play with. Where do you find your groups? Are they online, or in person?

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Ahh thank you! <3 I first started out with a couple IRL friends, then looked up some groups on Roll20! It can be a bit of a wait though since there‘s usually applications to join and not everyone can get into a group, but there’s some really great people on there once you do! :) Also if you’re shy (like me ghdhdk) there’s text-only groups as well hehe

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Ahh, thank you! I'll definitely check out Roll20.