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SUN DOG [closed]


[ Pixel ] Sun1v2 - F2U  the sundog [ Pixel ] Sun1v2 - F2U  

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origin traveler . nature ephemeral . boundary sunlit tundra . size slight

species esk . collection guest designs . designer ninejays

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uncommon traits eyespots, false ears, cropped tail, mid-tone eye

rare traits iridescence, manx

nature features flowering dogwood (Cornus florida)

elemental sun dog (parhelion)

enchantment sanctuary

static version
sun dog sigil

optional backstory
In the land where days linger for months and nights extend for a small eternity,
the sun dog guides the way for lost travelers.
With their gentle glow and calming aura,
they provide a sanctuary for the weary, strengthening the body and lifting spirits for the long trek ahead.  

Despite being a traveler, they are a lonely soul.
None can stare too long directly at their elemental form, lest it leads to blindness.
They can only manifest at the edge of the horizon, and any attempts to get closer will only result in them appearing the same distance further away. 
They can only communicate through the pulses of light emanating from their body.

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auction rules
 Pixel Sparkle Bullet   please reply to the highest bidder
 Pixel Sparkle Bullet  no hiding or editing comments
   Pixel Sparkle Bullet  there will be a 30-minute snipe-guard
  Pixel Sparkle Bullet   payment will be due within 48 hours of the auction's conclusion via Paypal
Pixel Sparkle Bullet   failure to do so will result in a group warning and temporary sales/raffle ban, so please bid responsibly <3
 Pixel Sparkle Bullet   payment plans are allowed, please note me if you plan to do so before bidding!
sb: 60$ 
mi: 5$
ab: $500

[ Pixel ] Sun1v2 - F2U  AB'D BY mondayecho  [ Pixel ] Sun1v2 - F2U  

auction ends April 5th at 11:59 pm PST (or until AB'd)

I'm so honored to be a returning GA for this amazing community!
Every design has been an absolute joy to create and share, and I hope each one delights everyone even more than the last.
Thank you TWWM for your continued inspiration and support! <3

with love,

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