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OPHIOPHAGIA .the snake eater [SOLD]

aka psychedelic snake rave
first adopt of the new year and oh man.....the temptation to keep them is strong ;___; inspired by secretary birds and their love of snake snaccs

an unfortunate dragon that picked a meal out of the wrong snake, which in fact turned out to be a malevolent entity
the serpent possessed the dragon and now controls its vessel via its tail, though it can burst through its mouth at will in a rather flashy technicolor amalgamation when threatened
snake vines also sprout from its mouth and wounds 

sb: $50
mi: $5
ab: $300 (includes free headshot in an ~abstract style~ and maximum snek)
payment plans allowed for bids over $100

auction ends 1/25 or 48 hrs after last bid! w/ 2 hr snipe guard
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Omg the design themselves are already stunning, reading the concept you have behinds it makes it mind-blowing ;_;

Absolutely gorgeous design as always !

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Hhsgdng thank you for your support W001F ;;;;u;;;;; <3

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Stunning design, I love your style!

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Thank you so much! <33 btw someone already bid the starting bid before you~
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Ah sorry! It didn't show ;; must not of refreshed lmao

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Haha no worries!! x)
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bid here.

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