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Kylin Batch 2

Aayyy and here we have our first Noble class Kylins up for auction! I'll be making a guide for them soon, but Nobles are allowed up 1 Regal trait and a max of 3 Noble (uncommon) traits! Had lotsa fun with these haha, and I gotta stop having the urge to keep my designs. xD Also these will be the last designs for sale for the next week or two~

Snake Blood
(this little guy bites. hard.)
regal ram horns
uncommon cat eyes
uncommon small belly scales

SB: 10$ USD
MI: 1$
AB: 40$ USD

Owner: LittleWereVamp 

Ethiopian Jewel
regal oryx horms
uncommon spot iridescence

SB: 10$ USD
MI: 1$
AB: 40$ USD

Owner: Xenomnia 

Auction ends 48 hours after previous bid! Winner will receive a 1000x1000 unwatermarked version.

Read up on this guide for basic info on the species! *u*

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Aahhhh Snake Blood is so beautiful *o*
Are you still making adopts of this species by any chance??? ;w;
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Haha thank you so much! <3 And yep, I'm currently (veeery slowly) working on a new base, so hopefully there will be new designs out by next week! ^w^
MortalKAkatsuki96's avatar
Sounds awesome! I'll keep my eyes peeled OwO
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I just found your species on the side suggestions and I adore deer <3
I will have to aquire one of these beauties sometime q v q
ninejays's avatar
Ahh I'm so glad you like them! ; v ; Deer are great, haha <3
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Love the designs! 
ninejays's avatar
Haha thank you! ; v ;
ninejays's avatar

U know you want one haha~
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yeah but I don`t use or have paypal. 

I can only hope your be open for a species trade
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Not looking for trades atm, but I'm planning to open a MYO contest sometime, once I get a group up and running if you're interested! ^u^
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