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Tis I, your local lizard mercenary for hire. :^)

I did it again and got me another OC looool. This is based on an original design I got from Lycan_maw on TH, and I decided to spiff it up a little for those tasty, tasty Cyberpunk vibes. Though I might???be open for offers??? Not 100% against selling him if a good offer comes my way, he goes where the cash is after all. >u>

Now for some backstory~
KOMODO was genetically engineered to serve as a security personnel for an affluent businessman. However, he quickly grew bored of the life and escaped rather easily. Keeping himself from being found again was another issue, though--one he solved by obtaining black market "tattoos" that interfered with identity tracking devices (they also look hella cool under blacklight). Komodo now works in an underground nightclub, partly as an entertainer while taking mercenary jobs from his clientele. 

Design notes:
-he's designed to be androgynous, but responds equally to he/him and they/them
-his skin is made of a carbon fiber alloy, but feels warm and dry to touch
-his blood is black and has different properties from regular blood, helping him cope with blood loss and low oxygen conditions much more effectively
-his tattoos only appear visible to cameras/recording devices (distorting his appearance) and under blacklight
-man bun
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