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It's time to come home.

He heard a familiar voice echo in the darkness, calling out to him.

"I've been waiting for you."

He felt himself suddenly grow weightless, filled with an indescribable energy and joy. Casting away the last threads that tied him to this world, he bounded forth in a burst of brilliant blue light.

And he saw her there, standing before him; glowing softly.

"After all this time?"


Nothing more needed to be said. He felt the same old happiness that had been dormant for so long fill him once more at that single word, the word he had been waiting all those years to hear.

Then, as if to some unspoken call, she turned, and he followed. The two of them leaped and soared, drifted and flowed, as twin ethereal beacons leaving behind all sorrow, pain, fear; and into the light...

He was home.


HELLO SORRY MORE HP FANART HAHA i swear this is gonna be the last one in a while, I think I finally got all the feels out that I could. Just, y'know, needed some closure and wanted the man to bE HAPPY FOR ONCE, dammit. He deserves that, at the very least. 

Goodbye, Severus, you did good. ;_; 

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Absolutely beautiful -- you illustrated the moment in such a magical, bittersweet way <3
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Aw thank you so much!! Was totally going for bittersweet omg, so glad I made you feel the same <333
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Beautiful work, and a beautiful idea plus use of the Patronus imagery. Well done!
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Thank you so much, really glad you enjoy it! <3
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You’re most welcome! :)
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Low key crying rn don't mind me
ninejays's avatar
That's what I meant to do ;)

//hands u a tiny tissue <3
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Nicely done. :)
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Thank you! ^u^
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You're a genius!
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Haha aww, thanks ;)
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Im not crying Im not crying
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it's okay i did 8''''''')
tonightweare's avatar
It's a beautiful idea and you did a nice job ;w;
ninejays's avatar
Aww thank you that means a lot to me!! 
EspressoShots's avatar
Ah so much loves!
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Ahh thanks!! ;o;
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