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emetophobia. an extreme fear of vomiting, seeing vomit, watching other people vomit, or feeling sick

AB prize for DorkyDinosaur !! Also (my very first??) moderate gore warning, even though it's technicolored ;v; 
Thank you again for buying them aaaa, they were so much fun to draw again <333
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I have this phobia and it really sucks honestly. My heart races when someone even bends over near a garbage or toilet or burps a lot (even if they're not actually going to get sick). I've been working on it in therapy for months.

This piece is really beautiful, and I appreciate you bringing some awareness to the phobia :)

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Oh wow, thanks for sharing! I'm sorry you have to go through that, and I'm glad my art has been able to bring some awareness. <3

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This turned out so beautiful, and wicked cool at the same time? I LOVE it thank you so much again!! <3