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[CLOSED] The Golden Goddess by ninejays


glitter01the golden goddessglitter01

//Blackwater goddess // the Golden One // Our Lady of the Delta //

  Crowned Zircon 
origin abnormal traveler . nature divine . boundary blackwater river delta . size regal

species esk . collection guest designs . designer ninejays

 Crowned Zircon 
uncommon traits sleek, bright markings, stripes, flecks
rare traits manx, bright eye [gold]
nature features gold, greater water-moss (Fontinalis antipyretica)
mutations long body, antlers, multiple fins [manta ray], whiskers, scales
original form: golden idol

accessories gold choker
familiars enchanted koi [small school]
elemental molten gold   
enchantment deity's blessings

design notes
Gold Square Bullet   comes with a free Wanderers-inspired sigil
Gold Square Bullet   her elemental allows her to manipulate gold into various forms on and around her body, like the finned tail shown above, but the limits of what else she can do are up to your imagination!
Gold Square Bullet   she sheds a trail of gold dust wherever she swims or moves about, creating a shimmering, glittering effect around her entire body
Gold Square Bullet  her water-moss halo curves around her head from beneath her mane, and does not float above her head 

optional story 
It takes the brave of soul to venture into the Blackwater //
It takes the strong of frame to reach the Goddess' shrine //
But, most important of all, it takes the pure of Heart to gain her blessing //
-old fable of the Blackwater goddess

She was an idol of a goddess whose name has long been lost in the Blackwater. 
As an object of worship all her existence, she has a deep-rooted sense of righteousness 
as well as a hefty dose of godly narcissism. She treats all her followers, esk and living creature alike, 
with great care and bestows those who have proven themselves with many blessings. 
To those who show her disrespect or hope to use her powers for selfish gain, however, 
her judgement swift is and absolute. Many a thief and wicked lord 
have entered the Blackwater, never to be seen again. 

auction rules
 Gold Square Bullet  please reply to the highest bidder
 Gold Square Bullet  no hiding or editing comments
   Gold Square Bullet  there will be a 30-minute snipe-guard
  Gold Square Bullet   payment will be due within 48 hours of the auction's conclusion via Paypal
Gold Square Bullet   failure to do so will result in a group warning and temporary sales/raffle ban, so please bid responsibly <3
 Gold Square Bullet   payment plans are allowed, please note me if you plan to do so before bidding!

sb: 50$ 
mi: 5$
ab: 900$ 

 AB’d by caravan-outpost

auction ends June 16th at 12:00 am PST

thank you so much for your support twwm, love yall <3
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Attack-At-Dawn's avatar
really like that tail :3
ninejays's avatar
Xerxes-Texas-Toast's avatar
Holy shit, congrats on that MASSIVE autobuy! Damn!
ninejays's avatar
Omg thank you!! brb still cryin rn 😂😂
Friiha's avatar
And I'm sO THRILLED THIS WAS AB'D, congratulations!! 8D Seconding Charaky, so well-deserved
I'm still completely and absolutely ENAMORED with my precious pigeon child I got from you ;O; I can't wait to see more of this gorgeous golden goddess around TWWM :eyes:
ninejays's avatar
AAAAA I KNOWW literally have no words to express my gratitude and happiness rn omg ;__; Thank you so much for your support, I’m super glad the pigeon bb is being loved fhjklgdb you don’t know how much that means to me!! <333
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Holy moly, congrats on the AB!
Well deserved!
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JeiDoll's avatar
This is so gorgeous <3
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Thank you! ;U;
CharakyARPG's avatar
Stunning design! Love the black and gold combination!
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Thank you <33 Can never go wrong with black and gold amiright ;)
Effloret's avatar
Wooooooowwwww!!!! LOOK AT THIS GIRL!!! Isn't she a hecking beauty!!! I love her so much! Might have to do some gift art to whomever snatches her up!! Gorgeously done !
ninejays's avatar
Ahhhh omg thank you so much!! QvQ Your comment brought a smile to my face hehe <3
Effloret's avatar
aaaa no problem !! 
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Absolutely gorgeous design!!! Hope they get a lovely home <3 <3 
ninejays's avatar
Aww thank you! ;u; Congrats on your sale as well ahh
Nairo-Ryu's avatar
this design man, hit me right in the aesthetics. beautiful job : ) 
ninejays's avatar
ahaha i'm so glad you like it!! thanks so much <33
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                                                                              Sigilbg by ninejays
                                                                                       glitter01BID HERE glitter01
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