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He remembered her eyes, her smile, her warmth; and he was at peace. 


HELLO FRIENDS I AM LIKE 3 YEARS LATE FOR THIS but actually just finished watching Harry Potter and holy hECK I was not ready for the end ;_; So of course to deal with feels I drew this sketchy thing LOL, I was literally bawling at like all the scenes with Snape omg. He is easily one of the bravest, deepest, and most complex characters I have ever seen and Alan Rickman (bless his soul) did an absolutely phenomenal job!!

Snape's love for Lily is something truly beautiful, something that death could not separate; but actually brought them back together in the end.

Also i have not drawn humans in so long ahaaa xox
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I love this! It's so beautiful!
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Thank you very much! <3
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You're very welcome!
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Beautifully done. :)
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Ahh thanks <3
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Harry potter feels...oh god this is good!
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sO MUCH FEELS. thank you!! <3
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Damn, it's so beautiful... :heart: Your style is so soft and the kind of letters you used is really pretty :heart: I almost didn't see Lily first, but it's actually an amazing idea to fade her out a bit, it's lovely but so sad :P
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ahhh omg thank you so much for the kind words! <3 Really wanted to show Lily as being there but also not there, so I'm glad I got it haha ;w;
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You so got it!! The effect worked out well and makes the whole piece very unique. Haven't seen that a lot of times :heart:
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Awww thank you again <333
Effloret's avatar heart
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*clutches heart* it hurts man, the feels... QmQ 
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