Share Some DA Love, No. 73

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Travel Photography by klapouch

Welcome to the latest installment of my "favorite faves" -- the best, in my opinion, of works I faved recently. Some of these pieces you have no doubt seen; others you may be viewing for the first time. If you come across something you like please let the artist know -- give them some DA love in the form of faves and comments; also take a look at their galleries -- you might like their work so much you'll want to watch them.

Remember, everyone could use a little more DA love! 

(Many of the works shown here are included in the galleries of two groups I founded. Visit Ugly-Mug-Portraits ugly-mug-portraits.deviantart.… and Surreal-Landscapes surreal-landscapes.deviantart.… to view even more incredible art created by very talented DA artists in need of your support!)

     last progeny by beyzayildirim77  <da:thumb id="554479046"/>  Bleak Day by noro8   Silence by LanaTustich   bubbletoblow by fdasuarez

Woody by Giuko    DARKSIDE by LanaTustich   There is a distant universe around me by SandraHultsved  Plague by JoachimL     My Hope by SpokeninRed   Selfportrait in dead point by empatia

   And they shall call him Emmanuel by unusual-angel   Barbed wire by Skippy-s  in my fairy tale by AgnieszkaOsipa    <da:thumb id="550480683"/>  <da:thumb id="550162358"/>   Puddles Pity Party by IzzyMedrano

Cosima. by hobbittiponi

Sirena by Kendra-Paige   Sugar Plum by Jamie-Nicole   Nello by Steeldriver   Brut by JessicaSansiquet  <da:thumb id="552604347"/>   By The Window IV by Eirian-stock
<da:thumb id="105467573"/>   Forgotten Path by djz0mb13   Anatomy of a house by anotherwanderer   . . .  WinterTime  . . . by ChIandra4U   The Last Cowboy by JaiMcFerran  Raven's Eye by imagase

Assemblage: Astronautical by bugatha1

      Peace by Avine   <da:thumb id="551121346"/>   forest's child by Avine   Butterfly Queen by SweetDA  <da:thumb id="555958033"/>  <da:thumb id="550442191"/>

In the woods with a rabbit (14) by anastasiya-landa

Reforestation by Cold-Tommy-Gin   Certain Kind of Solitude 2 by VictorFota  <da:thumb id="551835065"/>   going to be a big sister by bkitten1   Virtual Enlightenment by Lakandiwa  Sky Wires And Roofs Oh My 015 by notmor

Oakfae by theogroen  the loss. by cristina-otero  Loneliness by Waldemar-Kazak  Tibetan Boy by william690c   Climbing the Milky Way by robrey  <da:thumb id="321496929"/>


Some of my works -- old and new.
Vianna by nine9nine9
The Lonely Realm of the Sea Siren by nine9nine9  Gavbrielle's Imaginarium by nine9nine9

  Where have all the flowers gone? by nine9nine9Melting Winter's Chill by nine9nine9  Rose and Sienna by nine9nine9
Last Summer Before Girls by nine9nine9

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Wow, Thank you so much. Lovely collection. Thanks For The Feature2 by AudraMBlackburnsArt