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First, How I Roll:

1) My artworks are not available as digital downloads or NFTs.

2) I’m not interested in collaborating on projects for a “client“ you may or may not have, even though I would “totally get paid, get credit and possibly get a bonus.”

3) If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me.


Welcome to my little corner on Deviant Art.

I worked 35 years as an Art Director/Publicist for a performing arts program at a major university in California. Recently retired, I am enjoying the good life in a small rural town in Virginia

with my wife and college-age daughter. My passions include art, music and sports, and I have worked at great jobs in each of these areas.

My gallery on DA is extremely varied both in style and subject matter. There is everything from dark grunge art to collage-like works to classical looking scenery, as well as portraits done in a variety of styles; some of my work reference or spotlights a period in history; some, emotions of the heart; others have deep-rooted psychological meaning or are personal in nature; others still are humorous / scary and / or pretty / interesting. With the advent of AI I see myself spreading my artistic wings even further. With my AI partner I can take my art farther than even my imagination can fathom.

"Thanks for Favoriting"

Those of you who visit my site and fave and/or comment on my work I really do so appreciate your interest in my art. I will as time permits send replies to those of you who "fave and run" -- however, I may not be able to thank all of you all the time; I will as time permits visit your galleries and respond to comments with a reply.

No Need to Thank Me for Every Fave I Give You

If you look in my Favourites Folder, you can see that I am a favoriting fool. Besides creating art, I love looking at art, and DA has a lot of great art created by very talented artists in a variety of mediums. I know you appreciate my faves; you do not have to thank me for every fave I give your art; it is more important that you spend that time making more incredible art for me to look at.

Usage of My Artworks

None of my artworks are available for use as NFTs; not ready to jump down that rabbit-hole just yet. Please don't ask — I hate saying no to people. However, you may use any of my artworks for non-commercial projects; just send me a note and, if possible, credit me with a link to my DA account. For any commercial usage contact me and we can make an amicable arrangement.

The Usual "Blah-Blah-Blah"

All the materials contained in my gallery may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way, except as noted above.

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Many thanks for the fave.

Thanks for the fav's!

Homura bow

Thank you so much for the favorites and sorry it took me so long to get back to you🙏

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Thanks for the favs!

Thank you so much for your precious support, dear friend! :nod::hug::heart:

I wish you a wonderful day! :sun::wave: