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Thank you for downloading "ISOTAVS"

My Christmas gift to you guys - my second theme ever, "ISOTAVS" (I'm Sick Of These Acronyms)
began as a titlebar expriment, and soon evolved into a full theme :P I would advise against
using super complicated wallpapers with this skin, as it will look bad due to the title bar blurring
(which I can't fix, because Microsoft are assholes). Please don't blame me or my skinning skillz.
I tried hard for you guys :( Again, if you find any bugs, don't hesitate to tell me. Included is:

* The "ISOTAVS" visual style for Windows Vista
* The "ISOTAVS Basic" visual style for Windows Vista Basic
* The "ISOTAVS" x86 (32-bit) system files
* The "ISOTAVS" CD Art Display skin
* The "ISOTAVS Basic" CD Art Display skin

If you are using a 64-bit (x64) Operating System, and are
also using Vista Service Pack 1 (THIS IS VITAL), than you
can download your system files at:


Using "ISOTAVS" Properly

After applying the skin (I strongly recommend using a piece of software called "StyleSelector"
Which can be found on PsychoB's DeviantArt), do the following:

1) Right click on the desktop and select "Personalise"
2) Click on Windows Colour and Appearance"
3) Reduce "Colour Intensity" to the lowest possible amount
4) Click "Show Colour Mixer"
5) Reduce all values to lowest possible amount, except brightness, which you can
adjust according to your wallpaper.


:iconmanniemedic: for extensive beta testing
:iconukintel: for his comprehensive hex tutorials
:iconzeusosx: for the titlebar help and information


Theme: "ISOTAVS" by me

Wallpaper: I've forgotten. If you want it, or can give me the author, tell me.

Icon Set(s): - "ecqlipse 2" by chrfb
- "Designer Folder Set" by thebigbentley

Programs: - CD Art Display
- Windows Explorer
- Rocketdock


Artist(s)..............: Nindijin
Started...............: 18/11/08
Released............: 13/12/08
© 2008 - 2024 nindijin
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Hello i have a question, i understand a little english,  do you need some software for install the theme? like tuneup utilities?