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Amélie Widowmaker Lacroix
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Things you could improve
-The face seems like it's not quite aligned with the head, it should be a little higher I think
-Imo arms and thighs could be a bit thicker
-The gun looks kinda small, not sure how big it is in the official artwork is though
-Her butt should be a flatter at the.. bottom (pun intended) because of gravity and how she's sitting on it
-The pose.. it's pretty good so far, but I'm sure you can still make it just a tad more natural

Things you've done nicely
-beautiful facial features
-neck area looks pretty realistic (even though suits don't perfectly bend around everything, the collarbones in particular - for a fictional character it works perfectly fine how you've done it :) )
-love the texture on her suit (could be a little stronger on the legs imo)
-background looks perfect
-that cool fold on her hips
-everything else I didn't complain about to be honest

Overall great job though, sorry for being a lazy typer today and sorry if I'm too picky x)
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I really like sitting poses, but I always have a problem with them.  The weapon is really too small , I see it now. ;|
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Poses are terribly hard anyways.. Just keep at it and you'll perfect them - it's just details anyways <3
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