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This is Lillian from the videogame HunieCam Studio (a spin-off of HuniePop).
During the development stage I was asked to do a test of how one of the already designed characters would look in my style.
It was discarded at the end, but here I post it now.

Here you can also see the original design by SoulKillur and another version by…

HuniePop (on Steam):
HunieCam Studio:
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Just from looking at her, I can tell she is basically a bitchier Heather from TDI.
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"Oh Lillian, look what you've done. You stripped my heart, ripped it apart, in the name of fun." :D (Big Grin) 
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I  really like your version of this character,it is so much more in keeping with  the huniepop style.

The art in the released game is a little cartoony,but OK I think.But it just doesn't appeal to be as much as this style.
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Huniecam wasn't any good in any way but they especially got a lot of well-deserved crap for the art.

How does it feel to know that your art, better in every aspect, was rejecetd?
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HuniePop is so much better than this <3 And I love your arts :)
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Oh my goodness, I love Lilian. You did a great job at drawing her, too. Your female anatomy is fantastic and your eye for detail is splendid.
Keep up the good work! (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪
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Far out work.
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Gosh I wish they had went with this, Lillian looks amazing in your style. All of your artwork is stunning. 
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She's got my mother's name...
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Would it be a dishonor to say that I like this version more? No offense to the established in-game design, naturally.

As for the next game in the Hunie-verse, I hope they go for a Paper Mario-style RPG.
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She's  gorgeous. 
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It's gorgeous. I Hope that you'll be also chosen to make lot of art for Huniepop 2.
QUIXILVRR's avatar
I hope that for Huniepop2 you're the artists again
or maybe Hunkiepop: :eyes:
killerkris113's avatar
Best girl in the Hunie series <3
DeadCobra's avatar
Such a beauty :lovelyeyes: 
CaptainKaddy's avatar
T-T I wish they would have gone with your art, but oh well, maybe Huniepop 2?
Ninamo-chan's avatar
I hope there's a HuniePop 2 sometime. It was fun doing the drawings for the first one.
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Your artwork really made it perfect! So I will be crossing my finger that they make a sequel too! 
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It may be way late to mention this but they have already laid groundwork for a second game.

So far four girls from HunieCam are going to graduate to the HuniePop artwork style: Lillian Aurawell, Sarah "Suki" Stevens, Nora Del Rio and Candace "Candy" Crush. The rumor mill is that Lailani will also get the treatment and maybe one other girl, probably Nadia.

Also Jessie is back as is Kyu and a new Middle-Eastern girl, Abia.

I don't know anything else about it at this time because they've been keeping tight-lipped. Apparently pirates from China have been stealing VN's and Ryan wants to keep everything under wraps.
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Love this <3 it's awesome! The anatomy <3 
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