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HuniePop: Cover

By Ninamo-chan
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For those who doesn't know, I'm currently working on the dating sim videogame HuniePop as a CG artist.
This time, I'm pleased to show you how the cover illustration for the videogame finally looks (though the bg turned out a bit different at the end: [link]). This was my first time drawing so many characters in the same canvas... it was difficult!

Here's an alternative version where you can see the girls better:
HuniePop: Characters by Ninamo-chan

HuniePop: Kyu the Love Fairy by Ninamo-chan HuniePop: Jessie being suggestive by Ninamo-chan HuniePop: Audrey on the roof by Ninamo-chan HuniePop: Beli at the park by Ninamo-chan HuniePop: Nikki at the arcade by Ninamo-chan

Bullet; Green More pics from HuniePop: [link]

Pre-order HuniePop:
HuniePop Twitter:
Youtube Channel:
Kickstarter Campaign:…
deviantART Account: HuniePot

Original concept © Ryan Koons
Original character design © kopianget
Art © Ninamo-chan
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JustAnotherJeff's avatar
Your art for huniepop was inspirational and amazing sorry I just love it, would you take commissions in that style at all? (: 
JackieJoakorr's avatar
Kyu is my fave. Either her or Jessie.
LunaBonnefoy's avatar
I love your game! It's really amazing! MAybe you can have a sequel where you are a love fairy!
And you help people forgive! Such as Tiffany and Jessie!:D (Big Grin) 
LeviathanTheGamer's avatar
Holy shit, Aiko's boobs.
Scottman23's avatar
Aiko has to be my favorite next to Kyu.Both of them are hilarious and badass
Vandy-The-Hedgehog's avatar
.// Hey Ninamo, who is your favorite character in the game mind I ask. My favorite is probably Nikki. 
Tiffany is the best
she looks like one in my class that i have a crush on XD
Tysaylor141's avatar
This game was the very reason for me to come up with a story based off of this game. So this game was my inspiration for it
Ninamo-chan's avatar
I'm happy to hear it. You're welcome! ^^
Tysaylor141's avatar
Thank you, I can't play the game though I want to but I can't afford it
TurePlayer420's avatar
MY GOD!! Jessie looks so hot over there!
Pablocomics's avatar
Anda, ¿el Huniepop es un juego español?
Ninamo-chan's avatar
No exactamente. Tanto el creador como gran parte del staff son de Estados de Unidos, pero algunos otros somos de otras partes del mundo. Como por ejemplo yo, que soy de España.
Pablocomics's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaaah, vale, ahora lo pillo :) 

Ahora una pregunta tonta, ¿os han dejado meter la versión con desnudos en Steam? ¿O habéis puesto ahí una versión algo más light y recortada? :)
Ninamo-chan's avatar
La de Steam es una versión light. Básicamente es la misma pero en las imágenes más explícitas ellas siempre llevan las braguitas puestas, sin enseñar nada. Aunque pechos sí se ven. De todos modos, si la gente se descarga el juego de Steam, puede aplicarle el parche que descensura las imágenes, y que puede descargarse de forma gratuita.

Es es la historia ^^
Pablocomics's avatar
Ok, :) Muchas gracias por la respuesta. Quería saber lo lejos que se podía llegar sin que te censurasen el juego en Steam porque llevo algún tiempo pensando en hacer algo relativamente similar, aunque en otro género diferente :)
Ninamo-chan's avatar
De nada ^^ Ánimo con tu proyecto!
Pablocomics's avatar
de momento está congelado porque por contrato no puedo trabajar en otras compañías de juegos, pero igual vuelve a la vida pronto :D La vida da muchas vueltas :D
zmorphcom's avatar
So many cuties so little time. :XD: 
Reminds me of Arcana Heart. :3
Tirithek's avatar
This is great :) Nikki's my personal favourite. I'm really looking forward to playing the game
ScarletKnives-X's avatar
Creo que de todas me quedaría con la chica india ^w^
Plusichan's avatar
Audrey best girl.
DeadCobra's avatar
Very pretty :lovelyeyes: 
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