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TeenWolf FanArt: Winter Howl

AU: Stiles died and the only way Derek can see him is when he is in his full wolf form, but he also can't talk to him this way.


a sketch for Melissa, who was kind enough to take part in the Wolf Pack Charity Project!

Thanks The Sterek Campaign for all!
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thanks! I'm sorry it took me forever to reply( I am back now! :)
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Incredible do you take trades?
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My poor heart 😭
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Omg it looks so beautiful
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what is the wolf pack charity protect?
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Omg It feels like my heart is physically breaking. Waaaah!  
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excuse me while i go cry in the corner..
There are many levels of communication. 
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This is utterly beautiful. The muted colours and transparency and wonderful, and the look on Derek's wolf-face makes it.
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glad you liked it! thank you)
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This is gorgeous, you did a great job with Stiles' translucence.
It's also way to sad. ^^ 
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glad you like it! thank you)
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Thats fricking sad but great drawing
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i knowww ;_; i made myself sad) and thanks! glad you liked it!~
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May I please make a fan fiction on this this idea is just amazing. So please may I?
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sure) just credit me if you wanna include the art and send me the link! ;)
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Thank you so much

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this is beautiul, well done :)  I'm just gonna go cry in a corner because this is amazing ^.^
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thank you!~ glad you liked it and please don't cry) 
Can I try and write a fanfic about this? I haven't tried to write a teen wolf fanfic before and I'm kind of stuck for ideas but I honestly love this! Though if you say no then I'll be ok with it because it's your idea not mine
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