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Teen Wolf FanArt: It's last time you do that

sad times

WIP - [link]
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I can't even express how much I love barefoot Stiles. Thisis fantastic!
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glad you liked it! thanks!
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You're welcome!! :D 
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Ow. I want to go in there and mop him up.
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Sulking after a beat-up? I love Stiles' expression in this.
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I love his expression! He's just so... fed-up and gloomy and dark. *
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thank you! glad you liked it)!
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I LOVE this piece!!
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This is really, really strong ! Beautiful, really great.
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thank you! glad you liked it!=)
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beautiful coloring!!
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I love so, so much. The contrast between his slumped, curled up posture and his resolute, glaring expression is amazing. He's exhausted, bloodied and injured and curled on a chair grouching about how werewolves have ruined his life, and yet his eyes are so sharp, so focused, his entire face set into this mask of determination. I love it.
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thank you very much for your kind words!) I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the comment~
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Such a beautiful work! :)
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:( oh stiles I love you.

I love your teen wolf art.
I love your art in general.
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thank you!) glad you like it)
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