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Published: September 28, 2011
"Do you see anything?"
"No, I'm telling you nothing is out here! Your friends are full of it…"
"Hey, wait! I'm telling you they were telling the truth!"
"Yea right, is that why they ended up in a mental institution?"
"Hey, that was a mistake. No one believed them!"
"Oh I wonder why? You think I…"
"Jeanette? What's wrong, what are you- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"


Cailil is what they call me.
I'm a nocturnal creature, very fast and black. My eyes are a shade of red and allow me to see in the dark. Of course, the other creatures catch only a shadowy glimpse of me. As such, my appearance has been twisted into many different forms. Such has my behavior and gender. Some say I'm a vicious killing male and others say I'm a docile yet frightening female. I myself think of me as neither. Most fear me simply because they do not understand nor know exactly what I am.
I do not know what I am, my past is a blur. I remember nothing except a dark shape hovering above me. Something glowed on it, it was blinding and blue. I'm searching for answers which is difficult being that no creature will help me.

How selfish…

I wonder the lands swiftly at night, the beings that call themselves human are usually slumbering at these hours. Save for a few that move around to the same place each night. I try to stay out of their sight since many seek to harm me. I'm referred to as a demon.

Slipping through openings in-between these giant hard structures the humans have made, I'm silent and undetected. I stumble open a cube full of different smells and object. I rummage through and find a few things that are quite delicious. I've lived for many years and times have certainly changed. Just as I slip out from my feast this adolescent female human is looking directly into my reflective eyes. I curse at myself in my mind, I was so wrapped up in my feasting I hadn't heard her come by. I jolt as she lets out a small sound of… awe? I saw no fear in her eyes and she looked upon me. I was bewildered by this, most scream in fright and run or fight. She began to take a few steps towards me and I scaled up the hard structure above the cube.

"Hey wait! Don't run, I won't hurt you!" her faint call was almost pleading me. I stop and look at her sky colored eyes. She runs the end of her appendage truth the tangled red fur on her head. She seems to be studying me. Cautiously, I turns and walk down the structure towards her. She reached out the other appendage toward my snout and I instinctively pull away.

"Hey, hey… Don't worry, I won't hurt you I promise." she is sincere in her words as I lay still. Her skin is dry and leathery. She strokes the fur on my snout very gently. "You really are real… I thought my glasses had gone bad or something." she says has she grabs hold of the slightly reflective stick-thin object laying on her face.
"You…" my husky, deep voice startled her for moment "You not scared?"

She looked at me and raised the patch of fur above her eye. "You can speak?" she asked.

"I… watch humans. I understand words and try to say…" Their language was difficult for me to speak. I have watched the humans from time to time and understand a few pieces of their language and behavior. She gives me what humans call a smile, it is what they use as a sign of approval.

"Do you… Have a name?" she asked with a smile.

"They call me… Calil."

"Kai-leal?" she pronounces my name, as if she is checking to see if she had said it correctly. I give a nod as a silent way of saying yes. Or so, I think that is the way the humans do it.

"Well, my name is Kaitlyn." she answers as she tips her head. "I was just heading to the park to find some inspiration for a comic I was making and I found you." she reaches into a sack and pulls out this rectangular object that looks like what humans call a book. She must have noticed my curious stare as she tells me it's a sketchbook. She says they draw things in there with what they call a pencil.

I don't know how to explain it, but I see something about her that makes me comfortable. I feel I can trust her.

"You look a lot like a creature from a book I read once." she said to me so comfortably. Like she was talking to an old friend. She seemed to like me, she wasn't scared of me at all. "Oh! I have to go, the college is going to start searching for me soon. I'm out WAY past curfew." she started to trot off and then turned back to me. "Um, will you still be here tomorrow? I won't tell anyone you're here, I'll be back here same time tomorrow." She gave me another smile and went on here way. I'm unsure if I can stay in one place for long, but I will try my best to. She was so accepting of me, I do wish to see her again…


Authors Note: PLEASE DO READ THE ARTISTS COMMENTS BELOW! I've explained the characters personality in a bit more detail there.
© 2011 - 2020 Ninaiso
Kaitlyn Jones is an 18 year old college student in America. She is very interested in the mythological and is quite the book worm. She is a sharp girl yet recklessly brave at times. Impulsive and a tad impatient, she really neglect a lot of her mind by not thinking before she acts or thinking things through to the end. She does enjoy learning new things and finds this world exciting with all of the mystery in it. She enjoys reading, drawing (which she is quite good at) and fantasy style video games. Most consider her the nerdy weird-o. She tries to brush it off, it does bother her though.
Kaitlyn has this dream of being the best fantasy comic maker in history. She wants to write and draw fantastic adventures in exciting places.
She has a very giving heart and strives to be the best in everything she does which can really cause a lot of stress on her. The reason for this is because she wants to be as amazing as her parents and is insecure about whether or not she can live up to them.
She enjoys the company of others and any friends she has. She is stubborn and stands on her opinion even if it isn’t true. She refuses to change herself to get the approval of others and doesn’t sway with the crowd.
She hopes to find love one day, as deep down she is a hopeless romantic but usually doesn’t show it. She has a sarcastic side and is a bit of a jokester.
She has gotten to be recklessly brave because of how many games and fantasy novels she has seen. She wants to be like those brave hero’s who face all odds and come victorious. She hopes her life will have a happy ending.
Her greatest fear is failure.

Her dad Jeffery is a creative designer in video games and is a bit impatient himself. He is very fast moving when thinking and acting, always on the go.

Her mother Ellen is more passive and enjoys her hobby of writing books. Most of which are in the sci-fi fantasy genre. She is a bit of a philosopher and enjoys thinking of what different worlds could exist and where they may be.

Calil is a strange creature that not a lot is known about. Most refer to his kind as “Demons” and are freighted of him. His has grown to slightly resent humans and their selfish nature but does not hate them or wish harm upon them. He himself is a very graceful and gentle creature just trying to figure out what he is and where he came from. His original language is very strange and unknown. He is learning to speak English and is a bit poor at it as of now. The more he watches the humans the more he learns. He is nocturnal and enjoys rummaging through garbage to find a good meal. He is an omnivore and mostly feasts on scraps, preferring to scavenge instead of hunt. He has small hairs on his paws that allow him to stick to stable and hard surfaces.
He is very sharp and analytic, able to adapt quite well to many situations. He seems to desire a friend and has a strong will to survive and blend in if possible. He has a what you would call sixth sense and can see what a person is feeling in their heart by looking into their eyes.
Calil is actually very passive and gentle, he tries to avoid humans because he is slightly scared of them, yet he does greatly admire humans. Humans are so forceful and strong with such iron will and determination. His peaceful, calm, and passive personality is the complete opposite. By the way he sings beautifully, mostly in arias (wordless ummms, oooos, and aaaaahs) though since pretty much none know his language. His singing soothes peoples and calms them down when stressed or upset. He does have a strong will when it comes to surviving. That comes from his burning desire to find out who and what he is. He has been watching the humans for a very short time now and just recently started to get more confident about entering their territory, but he is still a bit too scared to approach them, being as they dislike him since they do not understand him. He can see into the hearts of others by looking in their eyes but humans are deceitful creatures so what he sees may not always be correct. He is very smart and analytical, a fast learner that picks up on things quickly. He is a scavenger, he doesn’t have the heart to kill although he could easily do so since he his agile, fast, and has many sharp fangs. He is envious of humans and how they make friends. He is a bit lonely and desires a friend.
His greatest fear is being alone.


For A Story Written by 100 Writers at :icon100themewriters:.
I wanted to make this as basic as possible. I want to give you something to work with without setting everything in stone. So yes do what you like with the characters. Give them any abilities you like and even add more traits and characteristics to them. Just keep the basics there please. Also, you may add new characters and settings, this is basically a blank slate.

~Sky-So-Blu I apologies if this is too vague. ^^; If you want a bit more in depth look at the characters and plot I had in mind please do send me a note. ^^

Oh dear this was so difficult... I wanted to make something interesting and fun to work with. It is so hard starting a story like this. I do hope I haven't disappointed...

By the way I’m an amateur writer so please excuse the rough poor quality…

Oh! That preview picture is what they look like. Here is a bigger version: [link]

EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT KAITLYN HAS FRECKLES! I forgot to draw them but yea they are your standard dark orange-ish freckles.
Also, added more information up there on the two.
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It really caught my imagination, looking forward to my go at this, I hope I don't ruin what you have here though :P
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Thank you and I'm sure whatever you write will be a SMASHING hit!
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Why thank you :)
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Awesome start dude!!! so stocked for my turn XD
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I think it's pretty interesting so far. A nice start, to be sure!
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Wow, that girl reminds me of me XDDD I actually quite like this! Befriending strange creatures at night--a favorite pasttime ^_^
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Lol yes
and thank you!
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