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Beat Them Up Mock-up


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NinAcTi0N DTIYS - Mechanical magic


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Night Owl 2.0

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MSPaint37 (Sea Caterpillar)

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Sparkle Up - Brushset for Procreate

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Guardian ot the Night (contest entry)

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Redesign This OC [OPEN CONTEST]

EDIT: Due date is now September 20th! Some backstory: I have a hard time sticking with a design for my main oc, Derby. He's already changed multiple times since I first made him, but still something seems off. So that's why I've decided to turn to the community for help in the form of a contest! For this contest, your goal will be to redesign this character (more images of him can be found here ) Feel free to change his design in any way you want, you have full artistic liberty ;] The more creative your entry is, the more likely you are to win! Winner gets 1000 points and anything they want drawn by me (can be a fullbody, headshot, whatever as long as it's sfw and a single character). All participants will receive a follow and a shoutout in the result post I make once the contest is over. To enter, comment below with a link to your entry and the @ of one of your friends in case they'd like to join as

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Judie and angelo

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Urban campfire

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Nsio explains: Simplifying the Complexity

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Papercut animation 10 frames barn owls flying art

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Kerniel - Walk Cycle

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FLORA XII [DolphinByDefault]

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Butterfly Papercut Art Papercutting Handmade Craft

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Amadeus [CM]

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TV Stamp


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Donald Duck Griffin

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