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Greetings, fellow wanderer! *

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This profile is a boat that sails the waves this community keeps on creating, pushing more arts to curious and thirsty eyes. It's also a very inconsistent place, that oscillates between characters from personal projects (currently working on three, with one being a future animated series), random ideas that were stored in my brain, sparks of inspiration and an occasional fanart tribute to something I enjoy. It can be a paradox at times, with graphical ink drawings nearing colorful lineless pieces, and while they don't mesh, they understand each other's reasons.

In art, beyond experimentation, I like to tell stories and create worlds for my characters to live in, while dreaming of the ambitious future I long to pursue as an animator. It's not so far away from me, though. I've been working with 2D animation since 2016, and stepping into 3D territory seems to be the next land to explore.

Critiques are one of the things I enjoy writing, and whenever someone needs feedback, I grab the opportunity with open arms, not just to help the ones that need it, but also learn from what I critiqued. Receiving them is also one of the things I enjoy, they inspire me to keep on improving.

And lastly, I'm 18 years old, and have a thing for sci-fi stories, wacky characters, weirdly angular art styles and many other things you'll notice through my art. I hope you enjoy your stay, and why not, the pieces I create!

Oh, and here are some stamps:

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I listen to music while i draw
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Favourite Visual Artist
I have many, but I mainly like the ones who have strong, unusual artstyles, with lots of shape language and sharp edges. I like lineless and concept artists as well.
Favourite Movies
Pixar/Disney movies (Inside Out, UP, Soul, Wreck it Ralph, Wall-E, Ratatouille...), Dreamworks (How to train your Dragon, Kung fu Panda...), Boy and The World, Spiderman: spiderverse, The Mitchells vs The Machines and various stop-motion movies...
Favourite TV Shows
Regular Show, Amazing world of Gumball, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and many others.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Genres: Electronic pop, trance and vocal trance, soft and hard house, chillout lounge, lo-fi, game OSTs, dub techno...
Favourite Games
Minecraft, Shovel Knight, Jenny LeClue, Get aCC_e55, Among Us, Spore, Mario and Luigi RPGs, Super Smash Bros (3DS).
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo DS and mobile.
Tools of the Trade
I mainly use a box of prismacolors, ink pens, colored leads, fineliners, a white uniball signo and a white Posca, 120g paper, a mechanical pencil, an intuos draw (MS Paint, a little of GIMP and a lot of Krita), my phone, my thumb and a DS Synthesizer.

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Now it's OFFICIAL! by NinAcTi0N, journal

Ok so... I've been avoiding socials for a solid while, and I've made a very hard choice: I'll be moving to Tumblr for now. I know I wasn't really thinking about leaving DA initially, and in fact, I can't bring myself to do it either, since it acts as some kind of archive, but I... wasn't really feeling motivated to post here. I'm still not. For the Neocities and Artfol peeps who stumbled upon me and felt like following me here, together with my good ol' DA friends, buddies and pals, I announce that I'll be little to no active around here, at least for the time being. I do appreciate all the care and love that came from you guys, and having all that support made my journey an amazing one x] I'm still growing and developing, even when I've had rough times with my art and felt kinda sad about it this year... Well, wish you all the best of luck in your adventures, and here's to new moments of joy and better times for me as an artist to come! This is my Tumblr, and I also hope to
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WelI... hello there :'D Sooo- I've been in that place where I haven't been super motivated to post on my socials lately, and that's kind of shining here :/ Don't get me wrong, I still wanna post, it's just the fact I accidentally stockpiled my AF attacks and kept on making art that's pushing me away. I haven't been with the same excitement of writing descriptions and tagging pieces properly either, so I felt like trying to detox a bit. Still am in that hole, if I have to be honest - I'm currently dealing with the remains of a burnout and a rut, and still trying to get back to my own projects... we'll see how well this all goes!
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Heya guyss! Just passing by to make an important announcement! My commissions are OPEN!! Also, here's the doc with my TOS, FAQ and other important info you should know before commissioning me :] It was very hard to write it lol Every drop of support means an insane lot to me ^^ Hoping for the best!!
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Heck, I've been much busier lately... but I'm getting lots of things done! I just finished working on an EP with Beepbox songs! And since I wanted a place to ramble about my projects and art, but didn't wanna work on a blog section for my site, I made myself a Tumblr :] It genuinely took me a while to decide lol, but it's been chill so far! I'm not sure about how active I'll be here for now though, since I'm still taking a small break to recover my energy. My brain grew quite tired of the cycle of posting, and I needed a change of pace :/ I'll still post, don't worry! I'm just trying to get my groove back... Also, sorry if I'm super slow with comments as of now too- rest assured I read them all!
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brasil sil sil sil sil

Quite a bit late for responding but just wanna say thanks so much for the fave, means a lot to me coming from you hehe

God bless you mate and take care

yooooo lmao. I went to your site, hunting for all your socials, since your art is so FLIPPIN RAD, and I just gotta give compliments to the site, like EVERYONE should go there. What a throwback to all those late 90s/early2000s sites where everything is blinking, and everything makes noise. I laughed so hard, and it is SO well put together. Just wanted to say I love it. Haha.

is that supposed to be bad?