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The DTIYS is 0N!

Mechanical magic - My DTIYS to you! by NinAcTi0N, visual art

The potential in MS Paint =D (My first DD!)

Thin ice (MS Paint) by NinAcTi0N, visual art

Something experimental...

Saluki - MS Paint by NinAcTi0N, visual art

Details. Details everywhere...

MS Paint - A new year flashes! by NinAcTi0N, visual art

Artist // Student // Varied
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My Bio

Greetings, fellow wanderer!

This profile is a boat that sails the waves this community keeps on creating, pushing more arts to curious and thirsty eyes. It's also a very inconsistent place, that oscillates between characters from personal projects (currently working on three, with one being a future animated series), random ideas that were stored in my brain, sparks of inspiration and an occasional fanart tribute to something I enjoy. It can be a paradox at times, with graphical ink drawings nearing colorful lineless pieces, and while they don't mesh, they understand each other's reasons.

In art, beyond experimentation, I like to tell stories and create worlds for my characters to live in, while dreaming of the ambitious future I long to pursue as an animator. It's not so far away from me, though. I've been working with 2D animation since 2016, and stepping into 3D territory seems to be the next land to explore.

Critiques are one of the things I enjoy writing, and whenever someone needs feedback, I grab the opportunity with open arms, not just to help the ones that need it, but also learn from what I critiqued. Receiving them is also one of the things I enjoy, they inspire me to keep on improving.

And lastly, I'm 17 years old, and have a thing for sci-fi stories, wacky characters, weirdly angular art styles and many other things you'll notice through my art. I hope you enjoy your stay, and why not, the pieces I create!

Oh, and here are some stamps:

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I listen to music while i draw
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Favourite Visual Artist
I have many, but I mainly like the ones who have strong, unusual artstyles, with lots of shape language and sharp edges. I like lineless and concept artists as well.
Favourite Movies
Pixar/Disney movies (Inside Out, UP, Wreck it Ralph, Wall-E, Ratatouille, BOLT/VOLT...), a few from Dreamworks (How to train your Dragon, Kung fu Panda...), Boy and the world, Spiderman: Into the spiderverse, and various stop-motion movies...
Favourite TV Shows
Regular Show, Amazing world of Gumball, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and many others.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Genres: Electronic pop, trance and vocal trance, soft and hard house, chillout lounge, lo-fi, game OSTs, dub techno...
Favourite Games
Minecraft, Shovel Knight, Jenny LeClue, Get aCC_e55, Spore, Mario and Luigi RPGs, Super Smash Bros (3DS).
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo and phone.
Tools of the Trade
I mainly use a box of prismacolors, ink pens, colored leads, fineliners, a white uniball signo and a white Posca, 120g paper, a mechanical pencil, an intuos draw (MS Paint, a little of GIMP and a lot of Krita), my phone and my thumb.

- OH, HELLO! -

- WHAT'S UP? -

Here are some important info about my art influx and other stuff:

+ I post every week or every two weeks,

+ I've been focusing on developing some of my personal projects, so expect some concept arts on the way,

+ As an experimental person, I try various styles and mediums, discovering more about which paths I want to follow,

+ I'm an aspiring animator that has 2D animation in a special spot in my heart,

+ I write critiques on people's artworks whenever I feel like it (I also appreciate them a lot!),

+ And I also draw birds. Those became rarer as I started to focus more into my characters, but I still draw them every now and then.




Space Lag - My dreamed animated series. It revolves around three planets and various stories to tell, from emotionally conflicted aliens to a city that sustains itself in its own chaos. There's still a lot to branch out, but I'm more than excited to keep it rolling! I've been unfolding the story through some of my artworks, most of them located here.


Thin Ice - Having its birth as an MS Paint artwork and unfolding later on as part of a school project, this is one of the many shorts I dream of doing. It's a story about coping with your own fragilities to pursue what you love, and finding what's been missing in your life. The fantasy of it is lived by the object head characters that build up the main cast, with Mr. Berg being the main one. You can find some artworks related to it right here (more artworks coming soon!)


The Pulse - Another short I pretend to fullfill, this one tells the story of two robots, one being a stealth device built by CIA to make their job and missions more efficient, and another being a warbot that was forgotten in its own war many years ago. While I pretend it to be a cross between the action and comedy genres, I also look forward to tell a heartfelt story, one I'm still branching out. Here's its folder with its artworks so far.


Coffee Breaks -


little star THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! little star

- - -||/--/--/--/||- - -

* F2U | Golden Star *

little star YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! little star

Post Spotlight

Ok guys, are you ready for some WIPs? Here they come! In sequence: + A traditional attempt at an idea I had, most specifically turning a DS-esque console into something crazier; + My profile background (yep, it's still a work in progress lol); + A pixel art starring my OCs (this one is super raw, still in its early stages, the flaric I drew there is called "M" - there's a reason behind that nickname, that shall be revealed soon...) And lastly, an MS Paint piece of a colorful dog. There's a lot to work on, as you can see... (I drew him out of the silhouette I built, so I'm super proud already) I have more WIPs, but they shall remain a secret... you'll see them finished in the future!
Just because I'm curious: what are your favorite Minecraft mobs?
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Me: *Looks at the crowd of people I have to reply* Also me: I'll reply to y'all soon, guys, don't worry!! :star: I've been pretty busy lately (as usual lol), but I'll find some spare time to reply to everyone. I've read everything already, and I appreciate every single comment you wrote, it means a huge lot that you enjoy my creations and arts that much!! :thanks:
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Is it just me or DA isn't friendly with deviations that are vertical or follow the Portrait type of format? It's because most of the pieces I've submitted lately are vertical, and the interaction they got was noticeably small. I wished there was a way for vertical paintings to be as equally visible as horizontal ones... :/
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A new traditional piece shall come your way tomorrow... I've been working on it for quite a while, and it's a blink away from being finished! Also, I've been working on some... unusual stuff lately. It's pretty different from what I usually post, so that's why lol. You'll see it very soon as well! ;P
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Thank you for the fav <3 Your artworks just amazing !!!

🍕Thank you so much for the fave! Thats means a lot for me <з

Thanks for faving!

Gosh, thank you so much for the fav! Your art is amazing!!!

tysm for the fav !! i hope u have a wonderful day or night ur awesomeee :DD

You're welcome! I liked the colors you use for your pieces, and how the lines you use complement them well! It's a fun artstyle! Keep it up! ^^

Also aww, thank you so much! I feel flattered you think so- :')

oml thank u so much aaaa :DDD

and ur welcome uwu