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Trat, Colored without Shading by NinaCrowlace Trat, Colored without Shading :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 1 3 Trat, Lineart by NinaCrowlace Trat, Lineart :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 1 0 Trat Unedited, Rough by NinaCrowlace Trat Unedited, Rough :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 1 0
Chapter Seven: Homecoming
I flew off, and as soon as I was far enough away from her, I let loose the scream of agony and anger I’d held in. I screamed down, toward the humans.
“She thought I hated her! She’s scared to death of me. And what have I done other than show a gentleman’s restraint! It wasn’t disgust, or bloodlust in my eyes, it was desire for her! I was repulsed by my feelings, dammit, not by her! I remember hovering so close to her face, and coming to myself, and still feeling the compulsion to close the gap between us. But what if she’d drive me off for that? She definitely isn’t interested in me, at least not in the way that I am in her. Should I have just done it?”
My throat raw, my mind reeling, I landed on the rooftop of a flat-topped skyscraper. I couldn’t go back to face her, not with that desire still seething beneath my skin. That urge to crush her to me and kiss her passionately enough to make her forget Rome, and those other morons that
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Chapter Six: Confrontations
“Zetty.” I heard him. He sounded aggravated. “Zetty.”
I opened my eyes, saw his face hovering over mine.
“Get up. I made lunch.”
“What about breakfast?”
He turned away, still talking, and went back to the kitchen. “You’ve been asleep for three days. I don’t know what I expected, but…”
“How long did you sleep?” I asked, getting up to follow him.
“I fell out of bed the first morning, and have slept on the couch since then.”
“You should have let me sleep on the couch.” I said.
“It’s fine.” He said it flatly. It didn’t sound like a lie, unless you count the tone of voice. Like he was trying to sound angry, but failed.
“You could have slept okay on the bed, if you weren’t so afraid that I’d touch your wings.” I said.
He sighed but didn’t look at me. He fixed a plate for me and handed it to me. “Indeed.” He mutter
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Chapter Five: Trat's Struggle
Lunch was ready. It was time to wake her up. She’d been asleep for nearly three days, after all. Must be nice.
I assumed it was nice by how serene her face was. For a moment I just stood there, admiring her. I remembered that when she woke up, I would have to bury the tendency to stare at her for the sake of seeing her. I did it for centuries, even before I became what she called her Voice.
Perhaps that’s why I haven’t woke her up yet. That means I would have to talk about what happened with the wings. I don’t know how exactly to approach that, what with how oblivious she is. Maybe that’s for the best, since she obviously doesn’t feel the same as I do.
For all these centuries, I have watched over her, protected her, even though I am the only person that I know of that’s aware of her weakness. I supported her in everything she ever pursued, even her own demise. I have only ever wanted her to be happy, with the hope that one day, she would allow
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Chapter Four: Ragors Kin
“That was really nice.” He said, “I hadn’t flown in… how long has it been? Seven centuries? It was more than that, right?”
It hit me. I turned to face him. “Trat.”
He looked at me with shock.
“Trat. It meant ‘Stolen’ in the language of the dragons. I felt as if I’d stolen the egg from where it had belonged.”
“You remembered.” He looked away. “Do you remember what you said after you made me immortal?”
I laughed. “I said it was fitting. I had stolen your ancestor from his realm, and I was stealing you away from death.”
He still wouldn’t look at me. “I’m tired.” He muttered, walking towards the bed. He froze before he got to it, and sighed. “You can have the bed. I’ll take the chair.”
“I don’t think so! You wanted to sleep in a bed. That’s most of the reason we came here. I guess you didn’t realize that there i
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Chapter Three: Wings of the Ancient Ones
“If you don’t want me to go with you, I’ll stay here.” I said.
He shook his head. “Just turn around.”
I did, holding my breath. “And if I blank out up there?” I asked suddenly.
“I won’t let you fall. You’ll be okay.” He said it.
“Even if I fell, I’d be okay, I know… but…”
“I said I won’t let you fall.” He repeated, sounding a bit aggravated. His arms went around my waist. “Just be glad you aren’t human at all, or else this would be uncomfortable.”
I nodded. “Yeah.” But I felt strange.
“Ready?” He asked, and his lips were so close to my ear, that I suddenly wondered if he was going to tear out my throat. Or attempt to.
Unable to breathe, suddenly, all I could do was nod again.
I thought about all the times he’d given me those wings, when I would lift off, I would always say, or think, the same thing. I heard him whisper
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Chapter Two: Stretching His Wings
It didn’t take too long to find a place that was nice enough by his standards. I created enough money to be able to stay for a week if need be—sometimes when I slept, I wouldn’t wake up for days.
“Nice. Well, if you need me, I’ll be in the shower.”
I laughed at him under my breath.
“Laugh all you want, but when you awake after a century-long nap, the first thing you do is shower, too.”
I shrugged. “True enough.”
“I might go for a flight later tonight.”
I started to ask excitedly if I could join him, but then realized that he was my wings, so I was stranded here.
“Hey.” He said, seeming amused. “I know that look. If you want to go, I should probably be able to carry you. I could when we met, after all, and it’s not like you gained weight or got bigger.”
I just blinked at him in amazement.
He went into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. I couldn’t get over that.
Having him
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Chapter One: The Voice Within
There are the cryptic remarks that Voice leaves me, that lead me to wonder, just what happened in my past that I don’t remember. The night was full and young, and the air was brisk. I was sitting and staring out, thinking about those remarks. And then Voice began to prod at me with its raspy, wind-like vocals...
“Maybe it’s time to let go?” Voice whispered.
I sighed. “Listen, if it were that easy, I would have centuries ago.”
“Perhaps you just forgot how to. I remember a time when you were happy.”
“Enlighten me.”
The whisper darkened, “You would have me break the chains that bind me to you?”
That was new. “I… don’t understand what you mean.”
“Centuries past, you attempted to destroy yourself. It was your first attempt. All that
happened was the obliteration of your memories. From that point on is a secret that you will only know if you release the hold on my soul.”
This just kee
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Zetty, the Destroyer by NinaCrowlace Zetty, the Destroyer :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 4 0 Galtiere Agate -- Experiment with Color by NinaCrowlace Galtiere Agate -- Experiment with Color :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 3 0 My New Thumbnail by NinaCrowlace My New Thumbnail :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 1 2 Nina Crowlace 3/4 View Finished by NinaCrowlace Nina Crowlace 3/4 View Finished :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 10 4 Nina Crowlace 3/4 View Shaded by NinaCrowlace Nina Crowlace 3/4 View Shaded :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 2 0 Nina Crowlace 3/4 View Rough Sketch by NinaCrowlace Nina Crowlace 3/4 View Rough Sketch :iconninacrowlace:NinaCrowlace 2 0
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Life has changed a lot in the past three months. I left Vlad, stopped drawing, writing, and even singing. That changed, too. I have drawn a few things lately (might upload in the near future), written quite a bit with quite a good bit of inspiration... and I've been singing with much more emotion than ever before. I no longer live alone, and might be moving into a better place in the near future. After all, my one-bedroom apartment is a bit too small. My (new) boyfriend, Brahm, is living with me, and he has half custody of his 3-year-old daughter. Now, if any of you know me, the most obvious thing about me is that I am not too good with kids. I have very little patience, and anxiety problems, and I'm terrified I'm going to mess them up because I'm not exactly the most idyllic person. However, this little girl loves me... and although I am still scared, I love her too.

As for everything else in life, I suppose it will go just fine, if I could ever work up the nerve to put myself on camera. I have been promising everyone, including myself, that I would start doing youtube videos, video game playthroughs-- but I have yet to even start filming. I am absolutely terrified of being on the Internet in ways that people can see me.

Oh well, though. I'm going to do it! I'm going to goth up and game!

Any support is greatly appreciated. I'll put up links to my channel when I start uploading. Anyone who wants to subscribe already is free to-- just look up Nina Crowlace.
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Nina Magnolia Crowlace
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I am unsure what exactly to call myself. I do a bit of everything. I write, game, sing, sew, draw, read, collect swords and other various things, study Japanese culture and language, and, most recently, blog. My drawings are almost invariably my attempts to show other people what the characters from my stories look like in my head-- and because I am admittedly not that great, it doesn't really work out. However, since someone might find it interesting, I decided to upload my drawings and perhaps tidbits about the character depicted. I hope you enjoy, and please consider checking out my blog!


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