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Those Sleeping Stars by nina-Y Those Sleeping Stars by nina-Y
Hi guys and gals, this is my new work.
(thanks to jaymasee, the rest is my personal stock of cocoons)

As much as I used to love dA, it doesn't seem to quite work for me here any longer - so I will ask you all to add me on Facebook for the time being.
The small amount of views is getting more ridiculous by each new post. I ask myself "Where is everybody? Does my work suck now, as opposed to years ago when I wasn't as experienced an Artist yet I had crazy amounts of views? Did everyone in my watch list leave deviantART already? Does dA not offer appropriate notifications or simply - did Groups ruin everything?"
A girl has to wonder. 
But it would be nice to continue our friendships, as well as to keep supporting each other through our creative processes. Those who wish to add me, do so by using the link below. 

© nina Y.

NINA Y. Art & Fairy Tales
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May 20, 2016
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