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The Screaming Sea



Let me just use this opportunity to share something with all of you.
A few things happened these last couple of days which kind of restored my faith in the dA community.
(I'll tell you only about one of those few things.)

As it happens way too often, I log in and there is a note waiting for me from some kind strangers telling me I’ve been either ripped off or my work’s been redistributed elsewhere and so on and so on... The fact that my work is being redistributed elsewhere by some angry teen Goths and/or hopeless romantics that simply want to ‘jazz up’ their blog with some, what they consider to be, cool images, and if my watermark is KEPT and the image is unaltered, this does not bother me. Just the fact that people enjoy my Art is cool, therefore you are all free to put it up on your blog/journal, but again - only if proper credit or a linkback to me is given. That’s perfectly normal and you don’t even have to ask.

What drives me up the wall is blatant copying. Always hated it, always will.
It is the most REPULSIVE form of artistic expression.

Now this person who was kind enough to contact me, said:
“I knew, I knew that when I saw this: “link” it reminded me of a similar gown/dress style.
I thought about it for a little bit at instantly I recalled about your artwork Enchantment.
Why am I sending you this note?
Because I thought I should give you a shout about it.
It makes me quite sad to see a person like her constantly praying words about how everyone copies her and stalk her style on everything (in the most inelegant and arrogant way) and in the end, I see her copy over and over again... if it's not you, it's Natalie Shau or other artist...
I used to appreciate that girl and her art.. when she still knew how to be thankful and humble..
So yeah, while people respond like sheep and blindly follow her just because they're popular (no matter how they got that fame), she will keep on doing this, thinking that noone will ever notice and keep on claiming to the world that she's a victim of fame; that everyone copies her art & her original style that "she worked so hard to get".
Funny that she keeps on complaining that everyone else copies her in everything... but when she copies she's like "oh no, that's a very popular trend, it's normal that everyone do that"... pathetic!
I'll keep on checking her out and if I see another scandalous rip off, I'll let you know.
I know that karma will bite her in the ass sooner or later..”

Have you all guessed yet who the star of this story could be? No?
While I am not going to name any names, let’s just say that Brazil is one of the countries I would love to visit one day.
Blah, blah blah.

The morale of the story is: by ignoring obvious artistic rip-offs and keeping silent about what you think may be very unfair to another Artists’ work, you will help promote Photomanipulators in a completely wrong and damaging way - and if this continues at THIS pace, soon we will all have SAME Galleries.
And, as I’ve already had happen, any average Art appreciator, if asked, will say: Ugh, Photomanips? Seen one, seen’em all.
Celebrate Artistic Vision.
Keep Originality Alive.

Well, good talk.

Thanks to the following Stock Artists:
Tigers-stock and sadestock

New Facebook…

I am not in a hurry to make this a Print, but I might talk to the Stockers' on their exact terms, and if anybody's interested do check back.
Otherwise, thank you for viewing and the support. Much Love. :heart:

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I just love this! I imagine this is the look merfolk would give us for polluting the seas. Thanks again for your amazing art.