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Hello members of this group :iconlovehug:

Just like I promised, in this blog will be links to video's and fanfic's about Nina-chan :iconilikeitplz:
I'm also very happy 'cause this group has now already 10 members, that really cheered me up. I don't own those video's or fanfic's, just found them :iconilickitplz:

About the Video's: It are all YouTube Video's.
About the FanFiction: It are all FanFiction's outside DeviantART.

:bulletgreen:Video's:bulletgreen:… < Neptune Emerald Nina Wong… < AMV Mai-Otome - Nina's life… < Mai Otome Nina - Hero… < Mai Otome Nina-chan's Weak Point… < BOKUSATU TENSI nina… < Nina Wang ~ My Happy Ending ~… < Nina VS. Arika(Going Under)… < Nina WANG Kelly Clarkson Mai otome… < Life After You (Arika x Nina x Sergay)… < Irulanne - storm - MaiOtome Zwei Cover( Nina's Voice)… < Arika vs. Nina Fanmade - Crystal Energy… < Mai Otome - AMV- Tribute to Nina… < Mai Otome ZWEI: Nina & Juliet-The Diary xD… < Mai Otome- Angel of Darkness… < Vally & Yunie as Arika and Nina from Mai Otome (Cosplay)

:bulletblack:FanFiction:bulletblack:… Mai Otome: Decision (Characters: Nina & Arika, Genre: Drama/Fantasy, Rated: T, Ongoing)… A Date To Be Remembered ( Characters: Nina, Rated: K+, Ongoing)… Misunderstood (Characters: Nina & Erstin, Genre: Angst & Romance, Rated: K+, Complete)… Christmas Gift (Characters: Nina & Erstin, Genre: Romance, Complete,Warning:Fluff)… Adaptations (Characters: Nina, Arika & Mashiro, Rated: T, Genre: Romance, Complete)… Dark Infatuation (Characters: Nina & Natsuki, Genre: Hurt/Comfort & Romance, Rated: T, Complete)… Whisper of the Beast(Characters: Nina & Erstin, Genre: Horror & Romance, Rated: T, Complete)… Hot Summer Nights(Characters: Nina & Erstin, Genre: Romance, Rated: T, Ongoing)… Galactic Choamancy(Characters: Nina & Nao, Genre: Sci-Fi & Romance, Rated: M, Ongoing)… Garderobe Academy(Characters: Nina & Natsuki, Genre:Adventure, Rated: K+, Ongoing)… Reading Ticket(Characters: Nina & Arika, Genre: Friendship & Romance, Rated: K+, Complete)… The Last Pocky(Characters: Nina & Nao, Genre: Humor & Romance, Rated: K+ , Complete)… My Treasure(Characters: Nina & Nao, Genre: Romance & Angst, Rated: T, Complete)… Reunion(Characters: Nina & Nao, Genre: Adventure & Romance, Rated:K+, Ongoing)… Rain rain go away(Characters: Nina & Nao, Genre: Hurt/Comfort & Romance, Rated: T, Ongoing)… Mai Otome Decision(Characters: Nina & Arika, Genre: Drama & Fantasy, Rated: T, Ongoing)… Unidentified(Characters: Nina & Nao, Genre: Humor & Romance, Rated: T, Complete)… Arika's normal day(Characters: Nina & Arika, Genre: Humor & Adventure, Rated: T, Complete)… You're not here are you?(Characters: Nina & Erstin, Genre: Hurt/ Comfort & Romance, Rated: K+, Complete)… Nao Senpai wants, Nao Senpai gets(Characters: Nina & Arika, Genre: Humor & Romance, Rated: K+, Complete)… Your Eyes are Golden(Characters:  Nina & Erstin, Genre: Romance & Drama, Rated: T, Ongoing)… Otome Carnival(Characters: Nina & Arika, Genre: Romance & Drama, Rated: T, Ongoing)

:bulletblue: FanFiction Crossover :bulletblue:… Otome x Shinigami (Characters: Nina & Toushiro Hitsugaya(Bleach), Genre:Romance & Adventure, Rated: K, Ongoing)

That's all for now, I wish the people how still have Vacation just like me a great vacation. I'm going be to away from 19 August until 3 September, so you people know I'm not online that periode.


First I really want to thank the members who gave joined until now even thought it are just 2. I really hope that later on also other people will join this group :iconilikeitplz:

I'm pretty new with the whole group-thing so please for give me for all my mistakes and if you see one of those please note me so I can change it.

I think it's pretty handy to now already give the rules:

1. Feel free to submit any deviations related to Nina Wong, there is no limit.

2. When submitting artwork, please put it in the correct folder. If you want it to be featured, please ask me and I'll be more than happy to put it there.  

3. If there's mature content in your work, be sure to say so.

4. Any kind of art is accepted, from cosplay to normal line art to digitally colored work!  If you're uncertain, please check with me.

If you want to be a Contributors or a Administrator feel free to ask :iconiloveitplz:

Later on this week will post some video's, art works from outiside dA and fanfiction in a blog.


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