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T.R.o.S.L Chapter 2 Page 14 by Nina-Dragons-12 T.R.o.S.L Chapter 2 Page 14 :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 3 Dim Stars Human by Nina-Dragons-12 Dim Stars Human :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Shadow Moon Reff by Nina-Dragons-12 Shadow Moon Reff :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 3 10 Dim Stars Reference by Nina-Dragons-12 Dim Stars Reference :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 3 11
House Black Butler chap 2
After a long carriage ride Sebastian and Ciel found themselves in front of the Sunset House. Ciel knocked on the door and the door opened on its own.
The pair walked into the house and saw shoe prints on the floor leading to the living room. Ciel followed the shoe prints with Sebastian following him and a child's laughter rang in their ears as they entered the living room.
Inside this room there wasn't much to see a few pieces of furniture covered and framed picture of the family covered too. Sebastian turned on the light switch, which illuminated the dark room. Ciel moved over to the covered picture and pulled the cloth down to see the portriat. The portrait was of a man, woman, young lady, and little girl holding a bunny rabbit with a glass (left) eye and a button (right) eye.
The little girl was alibno with black hair and white eyes, her dress was blue with white frills. She wore a blue vail with a silver band to hold it on her head hiding anything behind her. The older girl wore a
:iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 0
House Black Butler chap 4
The bathroom looked like a tornado ripped through the room. The silver trimmed mirror was  shattered, bottles and various other things littered the floor. The sink had blood around the base, almost like some had their head repeatedly banged into it. The only window in the room was still intact and unbroken.
A note was taped on the mirror, and a bible with a little blood on was in the sink. Ciel weaved through the mess on the floor, reaching the sink without any further problems. The grammar on the page wasn't the best but Ciel nor Sebastian could blame a nine year old girl for that.
"Tis not the fun day I is promised, but I can not pay for long they will find me."
Just like in the living room, the whole room changed again to the day hell came crashing down the Sunset Family. Rose ran into the bathroom in a frenzy, she shut the door and pushed a chair under the knob. Locked inside the room, Rose looked for anything of use to her. Throwing bottles of meds, creams, and ointments that
:iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 0
House Black Butler chap 3
"Rose Sunset" hmm.... Why does the name Rose mean something to me?
Sebastian seemed to be deep in thought, from his calm and closed eyes makes me think like that. Out of fucking nowhere singing filled the room... (song above)
The voice was one of crazed insanity and anger​​​, why would this 'Rose' girl sound a bit like me?
The laughter, yelling ,and running was heard by the young man and his butler as the room changed around them restored to it's original look. A little girl no older than 9 ran in and went through Sebastian as if he was a ghost. An older girl in her mid-teens ran around chasing after the little girl, almost tripping a few time over her long dress.
"Rose, slow down! Come on now! Mom wants you to get ready, we have to go soon."
"No big sis. I don't want to go, I want to play."
"Rose Scarlet Sunset, stop running away from your big sister. Or else I am going to get mother and father."
That made Rose stop in her tracks, and her big sis picked her up
:iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 0
House Black Butler chap 1
Ciel's PoV~
A letter came today but it was one that didn't make any sense at all. The letter came from a nearby town, and it was of a legend all nobility have heard at one time or another. My parents told me the legend when I was younger, but I have only thought it to be nothing more than a bedtime story.
This is what the letter said.
The legend has it that there is a house in a small town that has been closed and left empty for a decade. The house belonged to a wealthy family, the Sunset Family to be exact. But then one day, all family members; father, mother, 2 daughters and the maid' were found dead in the house from what appeared to be suicide. From that time, the neighbors have closed the house for good as they believe that the house where the whole family committed suicide is cursed. Some said that they heard a woman's screaming voice from that house. Yet no one dare to enter the Sunset House.....are you?
It seems that someone needs me find out what happened to this family, but I
:iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 2 14
Rose Frontview by Nina-Dragons-12 Rose Frontview :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Rose Bust by Nina-Dragons-12 Rose Bust :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Lizzy why by Nina-Dragons-12 Lizzy why :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Rose Sunset Doll by Nina-Dragons-12 Rose Sunset Doll :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Little Rose by Nina-Dragons-12 Little Rose :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Ayla Rose and Durc by Nina-Dragons-12 Ayla Rose and Durc :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 1 Durc and Ayla by Nina-Dragons-12 Durc and Ayla :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Rose Sunset reff by Nina-Dragons-12 Rose Sunset reff :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 5 3


AToH -Shattered Life pg 03 by Seeraphine AToH -Shattered Life pg 03 :iconseeraphine:Seeraphine 199 56 WoF: Catching prey by RusCSI WoF: Catching prey :iconruscsi:RusCSI 195 30 Phylvis by RusCSI Phylvis :iconruscsi:RusCSI 136 16 Brown and rose by RusCSI Brown and rose :iconruscsi:RusCSI 85 11 Seirin by ChibiDoodlez Seirin :iconchibidoodlez:ChibiDoodlez 32 6 Kuroshitsuji : Evolution by kuro-mai Kuroshitsuji : Evolution :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 6,804 1,744
Good Night (Monokuma x suicidal!Reader)
It was past midnight and you were sitting on your bed. This night you couldn’t close your eyes. Every time you tried it, you saw the face of your really good friend. You two promised each other to go to an arcade center to play some games after you can finally leave this sick school. But now he was dead… Mondo killed him and was executed today. Chihiro was such an innocent soul. He deserved better than being murdered.
You did not know what to do with your own life. It could end anytime soon. Someone could come into your room and kill you, just like that. And no one would care. Everyone wished to get out of here, to see their family and friends. So did you. But you could never kill someone to archive this goal.
It’s hard to go through life when your own brain has turned against you. You can’t take it anymore. A long, long, peaceful sleep is all you wish for. Maybe today was the day. You had found some meds in the dresser in the changing room. Maybe you could take
:iconklein-k:klein-k 30 3
Kiibo x reader: At peace
Warning: Sexual innudendos and spoilers.

“My name is K1-B0,but please,address me as Kiibo.”
 Kiibo,The Ultimate Robot stood proudly with his metallic hands resting on his hips and his chest puffing out like some super hero from a comic book.His piercing blue eyes bore into mine intensely as a small smile appeared on his face,waiting for some sort of response.I couldn’t help but smile at his cute demeanor before nodding my head.
”I’m _____ ______,the Ultimate Observer.It’s nice to meet you Kiibo.” I replied cooly.Never in my life would I thought I’d have an opportunity to meet a real life robot that had similar functions or emotional understanding to human beings.My eyes examined his unique design,intrigued what info or understanding I would receive from him.His design is smooth and rather masculine.He also preferred the “male” pronouns even though his profile stated that he had no spec
:iconkyrierose14:KyrieRose14 26 11
Mature content
the bride Chptr-1 (Silent Hill reader insert) :iconskythekid:SkyTheKid 2 0
Mature content
the bride Chptr-2 (Silent Hill reader insert) :iconskythekid:SkyTheKid 3 0
Come with Me by maidacervania Come with Me :iconmaidacervania:maidacervania 49 18 Michaela and Gumillia? by Matryoshka-Ruth Michaela and Gumillia? :iconmatryoshka-ruth:Matryoshka-Ruth 67 32 Riliane - Persona x Evillious - V3 by MarioGagabriel Riliane - Persona x Evillious - V3 :iconmariogagabriel:MarioGagabriel 37 2 Riliane - Persona x Evillious by MarioGagabriel Riliane - Persona x Evillious :iconmariogagabriel:MarioGagabriel 78 8 Genealogy of Red, White and Black by RillianeLucifenFan Genealogy of Red, White and Black :iconrillianelucifenfan:RillianeLucifenFan 30 8



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United States
I was born in Sioux Falls, I have lived in Irene for six years, and this is my preminent home.


T.R.o.S.L Chapter 2 Page 14
It been such a long wait... I'm just starting to get back into the swing of things....
It seems Dim has found an egg and has a thought of being a mother. Just like Shadow had done for her....
Yes Dim Stars does call Shadow Moon, Mama Moon 

Next: (The Queen's Answer)

Dim Stars (c) me
Comic (c) Me
Dim Stars Human
Dim Stars got an upgrade; A Human Form. This took me 1 whole hour to finish.

Her Dragon Ref:…
Shadow Moon Reff
Here the Dark Queen herself, Shadow Moon. This girl cares for all young under her care, if you didn't catch that part in her personality.
Shadow Moon is leader of the "Sumeva Huma" (Which is based off of the Pure Ones from Legend of The Guardians The Owls of Ga'Hoole) and first in command of the Dark Circle. Shadow Moon is like Metal Beak (Again from Legend of The Guardians The Owls of Ga'Hoole)

The comic will be updated soon, this is a promise.
Note: Sumeva Huma means Dark One which is a lose translation, it really means Pure Ones. But i know that wouldn't be right so i went with Dark Ones.
The Dark Circle (c) stardustdragon258.deviantart.c…
Dim Stars Reference
Here is Dim "Dimmed" Stars, the Princess of the "Sumeva Huma" (Which is based off of the Pure Ones from Legend of The Guardians The Owls of Ga'Hoole) and third in command of the Dark Circle.

Dim Stars will be seen more, don't worry about it guys.
First Seen Here:…

Don't worry she will be seen more, that is a grantee.
The Dark Circle (c) stardustdragon258.deviantart.c…
Hey guys... I can't seemed to get more comic pages uploaded.
So if you guys go any questions to ask me or my current characters you cansimply ask away (but please don't make the questions to presonal)

Thank you guys,


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