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Favourite Movies
Clueless, Iron man 2
Favourite TV Shows
green wing
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Britney Spears and no im not joking
Favourite Books
Biographies and tacky highschool novels with quirky female protagonists
Tools of the Trade
pencil, copics, photoshop
Other Interests
drawing, fashion, cartoons intended for much younger audiences, TV, shopping and your mother
Hi guys. Long time no post! Just letting anyone whose interested know I have an art instagram, very new, just to keep up the hobby. Recently got an apple pen and procreate so I'm trying to hop on the digital art train and find my way through learnin
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*rises from my crypt* I LIIIIIIIVE As I neglected to mention anywhere but my Tumblr, I was actually away in the UK on holiday to visit family for the past month, and when I came back from my lovely Mum told me the family computer has thrown a hissy fit and is yelling nothing but error messages at me. You'd think the old bitch would be grateful I haven't replaced them with a brand new Mac 30 inch moniter, but no. So I am unable to use my scanner or photoshop, until I can figure out how to use my scanner with my laptop. Now i am not tech savvy at all, so despite any good intentions, pllease do not try and send me instructions guid
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In Just warning everyone that this person is definitely not me. My real, and only, instagram account is conniedyer1 and it is my personal one, which i will occasionally post my art on. Any profile filled with a gallery of my pictures is a fake.
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Happy Birthday~!!!!

Hurpee Burthdee!

Wow! I love your awesome markers style. I'll follow not to miss any of your jobs 😉

hi. i love your Disney High art. i have been looking online to try to find inspiration for a little fan project i am working on involving Kingdom Hearts...Specifically a Kingdom Hearts anime Concept. basically reimagining the events of the franchise while expanding on the lore involving the more important disney characters like the Princesses or rather the Maidens of Heart as i prefer to call them, king Triton from Atlantica, Yen Sid and his years as a Keyblade wielder, the inclusion of Descendants, Sofia the first, etc. if i came to you for tips on fashion for characters (as one concept i hope to bring to life involved Nomura wanting more worlds to have costume changes to sora and co's outfits) would you be willing to assist? i'd pay you for your time. if your too busy i totally get that.

I was looking for cool versions of Disney Characters and found your art. Loved it and saw you had written fiction for them. I joined fan fiction to read the story of Disney High and it was funny and interesting and so got invested in it all. Got to chapter 28 to see you didn’t finish the tale. Noo! Please finish it and bless us with some new art. Thank you.

Sis we need you to awaken from the dead 😌

2 years later...still no answer