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First we fought for the Polish Eagle – and now we fight for his crown. Our motto: God, Honor, Country.

Józef Kuraś “Ogień” (“The Fire”)


On March 1 Poland marks the National Remembrance Day of the Cursed Soldiers, in honour of the once forgotten underground anti-communist heroes of 1944-1963.

The first day of March commemorates the anniversary of the execution of the death sentence on the last commanders of the “Freedom & Independence” movement.  On this day in 1951, Communists in a Warsaw prison executed Łukasz Ciepliński and his comrades who formed the leadership of a national resistance movement continuing the work of the underground Home Army after 1945. They were killed with a shot to the back of the head.

The occupation of Poland by the Red Army and the incorporation of half of its pre-war territory into the Soviet Union meant that despite the end of the war in the West, thousands of soldiers did not lay down their arms. As has been noted by the Institute of National Remembrance, the post-war independence resistance, often called the anti-communist uprising, was the largest form of organized resistance by Polish society towards the imposed authority.

In 1945, that is the period of greatest activity of the armed underground, the movement consisted of nearly 200,000 conspirators – twenty thousand of them fought in partisan units, and thousands more provided food supplies, intelligence, shelter and communications assistance to partisans. Moreover, more than twenty thousand students from underground youth organizations joined forces against the Communists. In total this made up a group of more than half a million people, who together formed the “Cursed Soldiers” community. The last "forest" soldier Józef Franczak (“Laluś”) died in battle in October 1963.……

Zbigniew Herbert
"The Wolves"

Because they lived by the wolf-law
the history remains silent about them.
Yellowish urine and this wolf's footprint is all that is left of them.

Vengeful despair pierced their hearts faster than betrayer's bullet.
They struggled with a cruel fate
drinking screech and eating misery

„The Dark one” will never become an agriculturist
nor „The Dawn” – an accountant,

„Mary” - a mother, „The Thunder” - a poet;
their young heads has grown grey with snow

They were not mourned by Electra
nor buried by Antigone

and will keep dying in the deep snow for all eternity.

They have lost their home in the white forest
covered with friable snow.

We, pathetic paper pushers, are not worthy to feel sorry for them
nor caress their ruffled fur.

Because they lived by the wolf-law
the history remains silent about them

Yellowish urine and this wolf's footprint will linger in the good snow forever.

The democratic underground was a vanguard of the Sovereign Poland, that fought a difficult military retreat engagement, but there was no longer any place to retreat to. Dr. Andrzej Paczkowski.


NimwenHabareth's Profile Picture

Savin Erunna, Atar ilúvala,
Ontar menelo cemenye,
Ar Yésus Hrístonna,
Yondorya erea, Hérulma,
i ontaina ná Airefeallo,
nónaina María Wendello,
ungwaina nu Pontio Pilato,
tarwestaina, firina, ar namáraina;
utúlierye Urmandonna,
neldea auresse encoirunies firinillon,
orories menelda,
hame formaitesse Eruo Atar ilúvala,
ar tanomello tuluva
nemien cuili ar firini.
Savin Airefeanna,
aire Eambarwa Ocombenna,
yanwenna aimoron,
apsenienna úcare,
encoirulenna hróno,
ar cuilienna oira.


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