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July 21, 2012
[Stock & Resources] Pouch Tutorial Part I (Bottom) by ~nimuae A wonderfully visual weaving tutorial, don't forget to check out part 2 and 3!
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Pouch Tutorial Part I (Bottom)

By nimuae
For this you need 98 double strings, each one about 150 cm long.

Part I: [link]
Part II: [link]
Part III: [link]
Part IV: [link]
Part V: [link]

Finished Pouch: [link]
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So I'm confused should your strings be 150cm each or 300 cm each. Thank you

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300 cm before you fold them in the middle :)

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This is really pretty!
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So is each double string about 300 cm long? I don't want to use to much whool...:/
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to be on the safe side, yes
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Good color setting! Beautiful!
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what type of yarn/cord is used and how long to do you cut the initial pieces?
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Check this out - this is the whole tutorial:…
This is SO beautiful...I have a question- to get from picture 2 to picture 3, do I just divide the strings into groups of two, or do I knot them into groups of two?  Thanks!
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Thank you :) Well, you can sort them in groups of two, but I usually just take the pairs that are their already because of the way they are attached, take a close look at picture 1 - they form natural pairs.
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tks for the tutorial ist awesome
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I pinned this months ago on Pinterest and finally have time to come learn how! I'm a weaver and this will use up some of those scrap yarns hanging about!
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this is amazing :)
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I love this idea. It is amazing.

I was wondering. Do I have to be carefull on which pattern to pick because of the number of strings or is any pattern just fine?
thank you , i like this tutorial
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Hi! So I saw you telling someone earlier that you fold the strings in half... SHould the strings be 150 cm while FOLDED or UNFOLDED?? Thanks in advance :) 
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On the second tutorial, how do i start with the petals? it's not very clear for me? anyone can help me?
thank you
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