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The Hour of the Hunter

Last piece for the EF artshow. I really felt like drawing some snarly werewolves again. :> The orginal piece is about 28x35cm (11x14'') large. Done with gouache, watercolors and colored pencil on bamboo mixed media paper.
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WOW! This is amazing! Specifically for traditional media... Great job on the detail and from what I can see the fur is amazing. Aww they are so cute... I love their ears and long fur or hair whichever you want to call it near the head and neck.
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I love the big ears. =)
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Awesome detail! :D
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Absolutely beautiful linework and colouring. You are a master of the guache!
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Awesome! I love the environment and lighting.
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love da coloring to tell you da truth their ears look like dingo ears but i still love it especially how they r positioned
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They try to hunt me I'll slice'n dice em into little pieces!
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Wunderschön:D Ich finde dein Kunst voll cool und etwas anderes. Machst du auch Sachen im Photoshop?
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Vielen lieben Dank! *freu* :) Also inzwischen mache ich meine Bilder nur noch in Photoshop. Wenn man einmal den Dreh raus hat, wie man sich selber nützliche Pinsel macht, dann gibt's eigentlich nix besseres :]
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:D Wirklich, dein Kunst ist total cool;) Ich kann mir nur vorstellen, welche Ideen du hast :)
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So cool!!!!
awesome details :D
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it looks pretty cool and i like it a lot. when i think of a realistic werewolf this is what i think of.
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You are fantastic! I faved it :)
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Looks great! I really like your style on colouring and shading - it's like a mix of art nouveau and realism!
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regardless of the fact that you dont do them too often, you do werewolves damn well. this is probably one of my faves this year.
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Love the werewolf designs, man! Your art never fails to amaze me! :D
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Hay good work as usual but the muzzle looks a bit twisted round :/
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