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Leisure Time

By Nimrais
... with Krystal (seems my version of Krystal is into retro gaming and comics, hehee). A collaboration between :iconkajito: and me. He did the background in Blender and I painted Krystal and edited the background in Photoshop :) It's about time for a new Starfox game! :<
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Quite amazing work! :D
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It's a wonder I haven't seen this picture yet.  I love it! :D
Very sleek, immersive background (and modeling it in 3D certainly contributes to that).  But my favorite part is Krystal herself.
Such fine details, such as the fur texture on her tail, right thigh, and face/chest.
But the whole thing feels realistic, from the magazines strewn across the couch, to Krystal's underclothing, to the genuine pleasure she gets from playing that Game Boy. :)
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How, I love the beauty in this casual scene x__x Wonderful!
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holyyyyy crap that's amazing!!!
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Wow I love the picture as a whole! You both did a great job. I've seen a lot of Krystal pics and this one stands out. The setting and lighting and details bring it to life and I love how you did her fur texture especially the tail.
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very awesome work :)
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This is a masterpiece! :D (Big Grin) 
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She looks amazing!
I love her tail!
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Dear gods just endless beauty. :heart::heart::heart::heart:
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This is the most beautiful Krystal art I've ever seen!
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Wow... good job!
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Pure excelelnce in execution. :)
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Except for the window, that room looks like an apartment aboard a Babylon staton...
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Even just the Earth in the background is good enough to be a great wallpaper on it's own. There's an incredible amount of detail. Also she's reading Guardians of the Galaxy.
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I love the sci fi look and colour composition. And boooy, that tail sure is fluffy and luxurious! <3

PS: And I just noticed Krystal has cutie marks x) Never caught that before...
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Hihi thank you Runo! ^^ I really like her cutie marks ... it's cute AND sexy :heart: :D
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Great job & I love your art style! :D 
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The best realistic render I've seen of her yet!
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I love this one. It's a bright, shiny future... and Krystal is the least likely character to be drawn just chilling.
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That's really cool. I was just thinking that looks like it was made in Blender! My husband uses it quite a bit. ;) Great piece! I love this a lot.
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