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'Contact' Movie Poster

Commission by Riffuchs. It's an anthro version of the movie poster for "Contact" =) Quite challenging, but lots of fun!
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Did you do all the artwork in this piece, or pull the BG from the original maybe?
Nimrais's avatar
For the background I painted over the original background :) It's completely hand-painted, just heavily referenced.
xxLostarrowxx's avatar
had a major lol moment... i just watched this movie a week ago and the idea of matthew mcconaughey as a mountain lion gave me the giggle fits.
StevenForeman's avatar
This is absolutely incredible!!!
Fantastic. I can't get over it!

Nimrais's avatar
Thank you so much! ^__^
Reyndomm's avatar
*nods and smiles* Classic. Awesome job on this.
Israelez's avatar
Although I've never been very empathetic with the anthro movement, I could see an allegorical connection to the initial theme within the movie regarding discrimination against minority opinions resulting in the unjust denial of well deserved opportunities. No matter how qualified the individual or relevant said opinions are with regards to the area of study, the fierce opposition by the multitudes can deprive an individual of what has been earned through tireless dedication and hard work.

In a sense, an anthropomorphic fetish could make or break a career. If a furry scientist ever discovers extra terrestrial life, he or she'd have my full support as the ambassador of the species.
Benjamin-the-Fox's avatar
What a random commission. Very well painted though.
Bonvallet's avatar
I love this movie so much! Excellent job recreating the poster. :3
Flenser's avatar
As everyone else had said already, it's beautiful.
Renard-Foxx's avatar
Nifty 83 though I wonder about the copyright issues of it being a commission 8I
Macropus-Rufus's avatar
Nice work
Personally, I thought the actual movie was a sort of disappointment tho D8
Doesn't matter. This rocks.
russetwolf13's avatar
Mind screw ending? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
IkodoMoonstrife's avatar
This is one of my favorite movies of all time and this poster is absolutely amazing, I want to print it poster-sized :P
Earthpatriot117's avatar
someone should write a story of that!
Kurohi's avatar
Awesome movie, awesome commission.
HyperFalcon's avatar
Brilliant dude!:D My favorute films from Jodie are Flightplan and The panic Room

electric-ace's avatar
I really love your work with fur and anthro, you just constantly blow my mind! Great choices for both actors, and I particularly love the Cougar!
wherewolfe's avatar
the sattelite dishes look fantastic.
jjferrit's avatar
aw man very cool :D love it
naravox's avatar
Wtf was that annoying McConaghey in this movie? I cant remember his character at all. Great work, nice to see a cougar. People draw 'em way too less.
Hahaha why do Matt Stone and Trey Parker hate this movie?
BalooUriza's avatar
That would have made an otherwise unwatchable movie watchable...
sugarpoultry's avatar
Hahaha how creative and unique! You really pulled it off. :D
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