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Caramel and Honey

By Nimrais
I discovered my passion for painting with acrylics on canvas lately, and so I came up with this neat guy. It was so much fun that I definitely plan on doing more like this :) Though getting a scan of this is nearly impossible ... so I took a photo and did some editting.

The original was around 50x40cm and sold at Eurofurence 20. :)
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Beautiful work, such a sense of restrained power.
I would get on top of its back naked and make sweet love
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I'm not really a painter person (but I'll be trying with digital paint), but even I can see how well this is done! The contrast of the sheets and the spots/stripes; the white parts and the shades are all AWESOME!!
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you did that with acrylics man you are awsome the only thing i have ever painted worth looking at with acrylics is the howling sceane from balto whitch i drew on the canvas first but dang you are  awsome 
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It's Beautiful.....But I do not understand the title.
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Beautiful painting! I feel cozy looking at it.
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Da bekomme ich langsam muss auch wieder pinsel und co in die Hände zu nehmen :D schöner knackarsch... Hihi
I wanna stroke and/or brush that fur... In a completely platonic way even, it's just that good looking!
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I love those colours. I'm not that much into humanoid animals but this color usage got me to open this! ^^ 
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King cheetah anthro...! :love:

It's truly amazing artwork~
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Awesome! I can't believe it 
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Hey it's the King-Cheetah pattern/morph!
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Seen that piece at ef, looked really good ^-^
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Whee, thanks so much! ^__^
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Das Foto wird dem Original nicht gerecht ^_^

Such a handsome boy! ❤️
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Waah, dankeeeee! *freu* :D
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Wow! I don't really like 'traditional media' but this is just way too good! Well done!
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very impressive indeed
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