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Hi y'all, Ze here, in case you don't know, I do commissions!
Here's the info:
Commission Info For Zeddartha   2017 By Silent Rag by Nimphradora
Feel free to hit me up with questions, I don't bite! ono
Hi everyone!
Our Patreon is live! If you like our art and want to see some exclusive stuff, like HD and 4K wallpapers, process animations, rough sketches, and get discounts on prints and commissions, then go check it out!

On top of that, some future artworks will only be posted on Patreon and nowhere else!
And there is also a mentorship program designed for people who love drawing and want to take it to the professional level! 

We're launching this in order to find our most passionate supporters, so that through their kind support we can be free to create more artworks, and give more inspiration and wonder back to you.

Let us know how you like the tiers, and if there's something you wish we could include as a reward, comment here!

Thanks for reading!
Hey everyone, if you havn't noticed already some changes are happening, this account is officially a joint account for V and Z as of yesterday!

Please bear with us as we re-organize the galleries and bios and any other stuff to bring things up to date.
All of Valentina's artworks will go into the folder "Art of V", and all of Ze's will go into "Art of Z".

We hope it's not too confusing or annoying for everyone and promise to go back to just stroking cats and uploading drawings soon.

The project is now live! You can finally get your own deck of card illustrated by me.
If you like my art and like playing cards consider backing this project.
It's my first kickstarter campaign and I'm super excited about how it will develop.:heart:
Here it is:…

You can also support me by sharing this project so more people can see it. ^^

King of Spades by Nimphradora  Queen of Hearts by Nimphradora Queen of Spades by Nimphradora  King of clubs by Nimphradora
Just a quick note since I haven't said anything about commishs this month. ^^
Yes, I'm open for new orders. :)

Info is still the same.
Commission Info by Nimphradora
Hello everyone!

I wanted to make a list of commissions for this month since I plan to draw almost every day.
My hubby's dad had a stroke so he had to travel back to china to visit him and the plane ticket was super pricey bought on such a short notice so we could use some extra funds. T_T
If you are feeling especially generous, family friends made a fundraiser page to help them raise money for hospital bills…
I think ten commission slots sounds about right since I need about 2-3 days per painting.

1. Grace-Dupre - finished
2. Saint-Sputnik - working on it
4. client at furaffinity
Price list is here:
Commission Info by Nimphradora
Hi all!

I'm very curious about this type of games. I've never played any arpg and I'm a little bit confused with how to start.
I was looking into it a while back but starting seemed complicated so I decided to do it some other day. You know how it is. :P
But the idea of developing your char by drawing it seems awesome so I want to try again. This time for real.
So, is anyone here playing it already? How did you start? I'm reading stuff on their page as I write this, but figured it wont hurt to ask.
How did you get your first character? Do I need to buy it or I can, for example, trade one for a commission?
Do you have some you would be willing to trade? What are the average prices?
And if you have some advice, like what guild to join, what to do in the beginning... It would be suuuper great and helpful. I'm absolute noob at this T__T

Happy holidays! I hope you had a good time! 

So, I feel like doing a few commissions so I'm opening two slots for fullbody without bg.

It is 50usd each, paypal payment in advance. 

Comment here to claim the spot. :) 


One spot is claimed and one is still open *wink wink* :3

I finally came found time to make a post regarding my upcoming kickstarter project.

I made illustrations for dragon themed poker deck and a local game company will bring them to life. 

Here is a sneak peak of how the cards are looking.

King of Spades by Nimphradora  Queen of Hearts by Nimphradora  Queen of Spades by Nimphradora

If you are interested in supporting us and getting your own deck of dragon cards keep
an eye out for more updates. We should start the campaign in about two weeks. I don't
have an exact date for now since I'm not in charge of setting it up.

I will let you know when we start officially and I'm sure there is a bunch of details I don't know
yet but I wanted to let you know that it's happening and it's coming fast. I'm so excited as you can imagine.
I thing I'll play more party games with card once I have these. ^^ 
My baby was painting this for almost a whole month. I think it looks awesome. <3 <3

Awakened Of Water by silent-rage

I made some modifications on the price sheet according to time I need to spend drawing. (some things became cheaper). And decided to make a sign up sheet where I will list all thing I need to draw so I can mange them easier.

Basically, you reserve a spot and pay when I start working on your picture.

1. Colored sketch at FA
2. Item illustrations at FA
3. Card game illustrations

Hey hey!

I decided to give Patreon another chance and I updated patron rewards. Now for supporting me (final tier) you can get:

- line-arts and sketches

- step by step process 

- high-res wallpapers of my illustrations

- my PSD files 

- 20% discount when commissioning me

- signed print each month 

- together with print I'll mail you a page or two from my sketchbook

I'm still collecting all materials I will offer but some stuff is already up. So consider supporting me. It would be of great help. :)

Title 001 by silent-rage

Woohoo, tutorial "How To Draw Things You Can't Imagine" is finished and available on gumroad!  The price for tutorial is "pay what you want" so it's accessible to everyone!

If I have to sum it up in one line, it would be "How to make art not a grind so you can be happy while doing it and get better faster because you're not being a sorry sod all the time". :p (Lick)

Who is this tutorial for? 

-Art students in school who want to decide their area of focus.

-Self taught art hobbists who want to become more dedicated artists.

-Working Artists in search of their unique style or voice.

-Artists who are frustrated, art blocked or procrastinating in their creative endeavor.

-Someone who wants to start learning drawing

What are the potential benefits of this tutorial?

-Break art blocks

-Build a drawing habit

-Develop your original style and content

-Get into the flow with more ease

-Have less stress and fear associated with drawing

What do I need to get the most out of this tutorial?

-Pen and paper 


-Digital drawing/painting app such as Photoshop, Painter, Sketchbook, Procreate

-Some baskc drawing skills or a healthy doodling habit



I just wanted to pull this journal up since it's been a while since I got last order and money became tight :(. So yeah, I'm open and ready for new commissions!

Price info is here:

Don't hesitate to ask if you need more information. 

I don't do NSFW, sorry!

some of you know this but I don't only paint, I also sculpt and make props and costumes.
I have this other account for uploading that type of work but I'm very lazy about
switching between accounts so I end up not posting them to DA at all. And I don't like that. D:

Now, my question to you is would you like to see some other work I do? Or you will
dislike seeing props/items in your news feed because you have zero interest in it?
I don't wan't to loose watchers who follow me because of my paintings but I also want
to show off other things I do and it would be much more convenient if I had only one account to manage.

So can you tell me how would you feel about it? 

I would make a poll for this but I'm not Core anymore so I have to do it this way ;_;

Today I have another feature for you :3  

Meet silent-rage  :hug:  He creates some awesome artworks and for some crazy reason he is still pretty much under the radar. 

These are some of his paintings:

Phoenix Rising by silent-rage#1 Awakening by silent-rageArcana - Promo Poster by silent-rage  Arcasha - Wind Preview by silent-rage  Card Art - Robin by silent-rage  Guild Hall by silent-rage Halloween Special Spookfest by silent-rageBiomech assault walker by silent-ragePortrait Study 1 by silent-rage  Succession by silent-rage

Awesome, right? Now go and give him some loooove.

Today I want to promote artworks made by NimaiiSmetana, a good friend of mine. He wasn't active here on DA so almost nobody knows about him but I think his work deserves attention.

Here are some of his paintings and 3D models. ^^

SOL by NimaiiSmetana  

Mature Content

Kalkeeya by NimaiiSmetana
  Seemingly Inconspicuous by NimaiiSmetana 
Metriel (stage 1) by NimaiiSmetana  Weirshir by NimaiiSmetana

Also, we worked together on backgrounds for this short animated video. 

Heya ~

I'll open a few commission slots for this month and this time portraits can be paid with points. (I've created the cm widget on my profile page)

New commission info by Nimphradora  <- here is the price list

I'll take 5 orders:

1.& 2. for :iconazurehowlshilach:
3. :iconmadame:
4. open
5. open

I'm preparing an Etsy shop with my friend and we will print and ship some of my artworks, also, I'll have stuff like bookmarks and shirts available with my designs soon in another shop so I'll keep you posted when it goes live.

Regarding prints- I've looked at some sites that do printing and shipping for you but their prices are very steep, so I've decided to open my own shop so I could keep prices of prints around 15$ and still have some decent profit.

For starters we'll print on fine A3 paper and cut off the excess edges (I think that's better than to crop the picture to fit A3 format) and every print will be signed by me.

Also, what do you think is the best way to pack these prints? I was thinking one plain envelop + one with bubble wrap inside, or should I use some cardboard too to prevent folding?

And what artworks would you be interested in having as prints? 

 I need your advice my dear watchers. 

For years I planned to send my art to Wizards for a chance to illustrate Magic the gathering cards, but I'm always thinking -I'm not ready, not yet! But I want it so badly D: 

Do you think my recent environments are good enough to make it there? Oh man, it would be so awesome if I could play with my illustrations one day ToT 

Tell me what you think (if you know what MTG is and what kind of illustrations they have there)
I'm afraid I'll send them shitty artwork and blow my chance to work for them FOREVER. X(

And if you vote "yes" for me to send them my work which ones you think I should send? 


EDIT: Thank you for your feedback, you are awesome :heart:

I've sent them portfolio few minutes ago and I must tell you, I'm insanely nervous. I guess it will be some time until they respond... Wish me luck!