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The Fang's voice boomed from the throne, the tense murmurs from a thousand mouths were at once smothered, like feeble autumn's grass under a thick blanket of fresh snow, crushed to an icy chill that permeated the voluminous chamber.

He cast a glare down towards the figure that stood at the base of the oval stairs, and the hint of mirth lifted one corner of his mouth.

Come, Paulo, let's see what you can do. 

Paulo shivered and fought the instinct to duck under that stare, it was filled with so much subtle menace.

Don't do it! He doesn't yet know, he may only suspect. 
Of course he knows, look at his eyes you dimwit!
It's not too late, break through the side window, slide down the ravine before his guards can close in on you. 
Don't throw away your life for nothing! Run away!


His reason cut through the dense tangle of fear and nausea, he steadied his step, trying not to flinch lest he trip and make it embarrassing as well as suicidal.

No, I must do it, this is my only chance, I must do it, for them, for everyone. 

Paulo forced his head up, and met the Fang's pale, frosty eyes, they seemed to be smiling at him.
At the sight of that smugness Paulo's fear drained away, and a smouldering rage began to rise. 

So you figured it out, Jan. Good, now let's see you try to stop me.

Paulo walked up the dozen steps, slow and steady, and in a practiced motion, almost without his hands trembling, he unsheathed the short sword. 

A massive grin spread itself across Paulo's face, unbidden, the relief was almost ecstatic.

There, it's done, now there would be no turning back.

The Fang just stood, and smiled back.

-An excerpt from Blackk and White, a story by Ze Hai Liu.
-Art by Zehai Liu, Digital, 2013

This was a piece I did from some years ago, I'm posting it here with the new written material since our account merger left much of my work behind. If you already saw it then sorry for the re-post.
At the time of this piece, the story was only a sketch, now it's a much bigger... sketch.  I'm still writing it, re-writing it, and visualizing the designs, hope you find this interesting and will stick around with me to find out what it's all about. 

There are already a few pieces of paintings on here that have tidbits of the story, maybe you can already get a rough picture of this part of the story world from these.

Just to remind anyone who doesn't yet know, we're on Patreon, if you like what we do you can support us there to get more of the stuff we make, some of which we only share with our Patreon supporters, and probably in higher resolution too.
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The suspense in you words is absolutely bone-chilling. I love it!
This is on of the most immersive pieces I've seen yet.
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There's so many details in this piece. That's astonishing! Loved it ♥
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I love it! Wonderful!
Shaz-Mew-Katz's avatar
The painting is beautiful, the atmosphere is intense and there so many details. The story adds more flavour to the piece! You're so talented
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He's the governor, though he might have more power than the king in this world.
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Me hace recordar game of thrones  ! 💗😊💗
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quit it you fucking egg
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That's incredible dude ! I'm amazed by the number of gards and the fact that you can actually tell they're people in armor. I don't know if you get my point, take it as an amazement for details !
Amazing job !
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I get it, that's very kind of you, thanks.
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