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Commission of a Flight rising character


I haven't been drawing much lately. Mostly relaxing and traveling. I guess I can have a vacation too. :P But I think I'm growing tired of resting so maybe I'll paint a bit again soon. :)

So, if anyone is interested - I'm open for new orders, info is here fav.me/db68w3s
I might make a new journal with comm slots but I'm to lazy for that atm so let's have it like this for now. :)

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Comments (16)
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GalopaWXY|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't even like snappers, but a nature tortoise-like snapper?? That's AWESOME
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titherdel's avatar
titherdel|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy cow this is gorgeous :heart:
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LunaSheWolf's avatar
this is beautiful
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bajanbing's avatar
bajanbing|Hobbyist Artist
i think i have that dragon on my account with the same skin too.
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MoodDragon's avatar
MoodDragon|Student General Artist
Beautiful colors and a delightful theme! I love how gentle and soothing it is to study this beautiful piece of art. 
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JamJams|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh wow, this is super incredible!
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Miss-Jaqueline's avatar
Miss-Jaqueline|Hobbyist General Artist
I love how you drew this! The background around the snapper looks lovely, and the snapper is just such eye candy too. :>
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Alinwa-Abiska's avatar
Alinwa-Abiska|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw it in notifications and was like OH GOD SUCH PRETTY COLORS
And then I clicked and I was like SIADJIOASD OH GOD SUCH DRAGON
and now its one of my favorite drawings
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Eveeka's avatar
Eveeka|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The details are beautiful. :D
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Shayaga's avatar
This character can totally be from Pandota (Avatar) that's really beautiful I love the inking !
How do you choose the area you ink ?
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HBisley-Art's avatar
HBisley-Art|Student Digital Artist
Such a cool design :D So pretty!
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MalthusWolf's avatar
MalthusWolf|Professional Digital Artist
Wow, great use of analogous colors! When I saw the thumbnail I just had to check this out. Love the work you do Valentina, very inspiring!
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OscarMan13's avatar
OscarMan13|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome job! :)
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RealEnough's avatar
RealEnough|Hobbyist General Artist
I can't help but love the color scheme, but what is really awesome to me is that you only have sparse areas that have black outlining, and it works really well in creating depth AND value variation. Also, you really nailed that detail work, just enough to be fun to look at without being busy. I love the scenery and the fun creature wearing cool necklaces.
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moyashisoba's avatar
ヾ(o´ェ`o)ノGOOD JOB!!
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