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Offering item art commissions

Hello! I wasn’t doing much client work these days since I’m working on our visual novel but now I’m in the mood to do some item art to switch gears for a bit. 

You can place an order here under Custom game item…
And in case you want multiple items you can place an order at this listing
and send me a note or email at with their descriptions. 

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Hello~ I wanted to know if a ring design + the jewelry box it'd go in would count as 1 or 2 items? And would different views of the ring be separate items too? Could I note/email with references and get a quote?

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Hello ! Would you be willing to design small music instruments like a flute ? Knowing that I have an overall idea in mind but not all the specifics so if you don't want to work like that I could understand !

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Hello! Sure, you can describe it as much as you can and I’ll do my best to come up with something nice. :)