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Sword of the Soaring Dragon

Another one of ~Unicron666's swords. This one was more loosely based on his design than the others, but I think it works a little better this way.

Original sketch: Sword of leaping Demon
Final design outline: Sword of the Soaring Dragon

Update: Added a tail to the hilt, and adjusted the knuckle guard somewhat. Also changed the red background to white, adjusted the lighting and exposure, and tilted the camera up a little to get a better view of the hilt.
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where do you get ideas from?
ninjaGHOSTcat's avatar
this sword is so cool:woohoo:
Nimphious's avatar
Maybe I'll re-make it soon, I'm not happy with the textures on most of it. Thanks!
Unicron666's avatar
Awesome design.

:jaw drop:
Nimphious's avatar
It's based on yours!
mylife42's avatar
are you sure its Digital Art? its amazingly detailled :P
zelldragon's avatar
hm, It's good, but the bulge beneath the dragon head doesn't quite flow, maybe if it looked more wicked? good job :+fav:
Tidz's avatar
this is a really good sword, i hope you don't mind, but i used it in my own little project - take a look if you want ^^

[link] kind of conversation is this?
Nimphious's avatar
A particularly idiotic one, it seems.
btw this looks Awesome!!!
draqza's avatar
So... your modeling skills seem to have improved since the last time I stalked you...
Nimphious's avatar
Changed it. Better?
draqza's avatar
I forget what it looked like before the change :x
draqza's avatar
Also, ":x" apparently is a different emoticon on dA than on AIM...
Nimphious's avatar
Haha, I would imagine.
GoldenOuroboros's avatar
Move away from that material.. or atleast the dimple effects..
Nimphious's avatar
GoldenOuroboros's avatar
Choose a better material :P
Nimphious's avatar
I wasn't too happy with it either...

It's so hard to find decent scratched metal textures though...
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