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Perpetual Motion Prototype 1

This is a prototype design for a perpetual motion machine using magnets that has been marinating in my mind for quite some time.

Feel free to give any input you might have regarding the improvement of this design, as I plan to build a working prototype of it within the next few months, or possibly weeks depending on how hard it is to get the parts milled.
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The design is nice. It's quite unique. I don't think i've ever seen a perpetual motion device like this one before.

I take it the 2 sets of magnets just miss each other and as one set of magnets passes behind the other set they repulse each other, continuing the motion?

Judging by the design i doubt it would be self starting but it certainly looks likes it could work.

Getting parts made for this might be tricky. You might be better buying a gyroscope that you can take apart and rebuild and mill the simpler parts for the middle section.

I'd love to know how it works out if you do decide to go ahead with it.

Good luck!
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I'm actually modelling another, right now, with more magnets for better running efficiency.

The beautiful thing about this design is that it would start by itself. If you make the outer ring able to adjust it's offset from the inner ring, you can adjust the acceleration/deceleration.

Also, I work at a factory with three fitters who are willing to machine parts for me, so as soon as I can get a solid design going, I'm sure they'll be more than willing to help.

Getting the magnets isn't a problem really, either. There's plenty of places, even online, that will deliver the magnets that I require, or even make custome ones (albeit at a cost).

Thanks for your comment!
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now that i think about it, your idea is similar to this one...


You're just arranging the magnets differently.
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i'd love to see a physical 3D prototype of this... because that would be so awesome
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I'll bet that thing could detect the polar shift and accompanying reversal of the magnetic field
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It doesn't even need to, in fact, by simply adding a second ring to the tri-magnet spheroid to allow the magnets to rotate on the same axis as the spheroid itself, you would be able to refine the acceleration to the maximum potential point, and also accelerate/decelerate the rotation if required.
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Wow Tesla was onto a new technology also!
Your next version could possibly fold time
Hey this is a SPINDIZZY!!!!--Ya can't fool me!
I remember--
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