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Emoticons Pack 1

The first in what may be many emoticon packs.

All emoticons besides the animated ones, have alpha transparency, and can be used on any background. The animated ones however, have a standard white background. I use small size text in MSN Messenger, so this is the size I made my emoticons. All of the animated emotes have been highlighted (manually) to show which are and which aren't.

The sizes for the emotes are 19x19 (standard MSN size) and the double width emotes are two seperate ones, which I can reproduce connected oby request.

© 2005 - 2021 Nimphious
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you know that everything posted on deviantART is © by the author :D

well awsome emotes :) your erally good :D
(check out my stuf :D )
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lol, yes I know that ;P

I'll check out your stuff now :D
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qiute..i like this... i will use it? ^^;
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You download the .zip file, open it up and extract it to any folder.

Then go into MSN and click on the emoticons dropdown when you are talking to someone and click on the link "more..."

To create an emoticon, click on the create button and click on the find image button, then browse for the picture you want as an emoticon. Then in the second box type the shortcut (example: "(smile)" ) and the name of the smiley in the third.

You can do this as many times as you like, it's pretty straight forward. Good luck.
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Yeah mate totally awesome!!

You're emotes rock.. although.. I do have a few problems with some.. and seeing we've discussed them to the fact that you don't care.. lol :XD:
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I don't remember, what is wrong with them?
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Cute, a little difficult to see at that size, though.
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Hehe; yeah. Thanks!
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