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Bone Pick

I don't really like the cracks around the penetration point on the front skull, but I can't be bothered cleaning them up.

This was made after a conversation about a dwarf named Dastot who particularly enjoyed picks.

The handle is an Elf spine, the skulls are elven, and the spikes are adamantine-covered unicorn horns.

The blood is just for fun.

Dastot is from a game called Dwarf Fortress. If you haven't/don't play it, start now.
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well i guess were all boney for the Metal. *gets shot*
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Looks like the horn's coming out of the eye socket. Kehe... o3o It's awesome though. ^^
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I like...=D
Skull is a tad off looking, but nice =D
Nimphious's avatar
Yeah, it looked so good until I stuck a spike through it. Couldn't be bothered cleaning it up, though.
Purplecherry5's avatar
Lmao I know the feeling. Pixel art is sooooo tricky. Gotta save tons of wips in case you change your mind. x]
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Yeah. Give me ideas! I feel like pixel'n more stuff.
Purplecherry5's avatar
A huge bloody ax o.o

Or a zombie bunny.
Both rule :la:
On the less horror side...XD

A scene of your favorite objects with detail galore!
Or a wicked book x]
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