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This is my entry for the Supernatural club contest. You can find the club and the contest here: [link]

Well, I didn't have much time to do this, so I used pretty much a less detailed version of the costume I had already used in the other Michael!Dean drawing: [link] Then, things got out of control, and I added useless paraphernalia on the wings XD
Basically, this Michael is in the middle of a fight, that's how the mantle and the left arm (and armbrace, which is nowhere to be seen) got damaged. Not that he cares.

Big thanks to my Mentor ( *thenizu ), who mentorized me out of my uncertainties XD Although, I still think he looks like Superman (dressing up as Prince Charming dressing up as Archangel Michael -____-' ) ...and he really shouldn't, 'cause, as my friend ~aredhel made me notice, Dean Winchester isn't Superman; he is, in fact, Batman. But I had to use those colours because they are, apparently, Michael's favourite. In every painting I checked he wears red and light blue (...yes, all the previous nonsense was an introduction to this tiny bit of factual information :D)

Hope you like it!! :D
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This is stunning!! Thank you for sharing this magnificent art with us! ❤️❤️