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Archangel Michael



This is a pencil sketch of Michael, using poor Dean as his meatsuit (hence the fierce expression and the funny outfit)

Not that I want this to actually happen in the series, but Dean would never wear such clothes willingly, so I had to resort to this escamotage :D

I might change this a bit in the next days, 'cause I'm not satisfied with a few things, especially the halo. I wanted a thin, Caravaggio-like halo but, uh, I'm not Caravaggio (and obviously Caravaggio wasn't rubbish at photoshopping :D)

The cross on the chest is actually a brooch that keeps the mantle and the belt together (yes, I really, unnecessarily, thought that through -_- )

The carving on the sword says: "Supernatural" in Enochian letters :D

Since it is too serious a drawing, I decided to give a name to Michael's sword. It's called "Blue Steel" :D (I'm sure you Supernatural fans are well aware of what a Blue Steel is... if not, google it :nod: )

And...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!! :party: :dance:

Oh, Dean belongs to Eric Kripke, Jensen's face belongs to Jensen Ackles, but the clothes and accessories are mine U__U XD
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Looks amazing! And maybe Dean is about to get his second chance to say "Yes" in the upcoming episodes, who knows? ;)