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Visitor in the Clouds~
Things have been pretty busy, but here's my wonderous, magical latest 
painting that I finished over the weekend~
Painting a castle was something new, with all the piling on of the details, and 
building up something interesting. I originally painted this in greyscale and intended to
add the an autumn-like colour 
palette later. It turned out to be disastrous, so I tried to save it by turning everything 
blue. So, I'm not the most proud of the colours in this one, but it was a nice experience :D

>>Art © Nimitsuu 2016
Program-- Procreate for iPad, Photoscape
Time-- 6 hrs approx.
Feel free to comment as well, I love reading your comments! :la:

Please do not alter, re-upload, or redistribute this artwork without my written permission! Not for free use.
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© 2016 - 2021 Nimiszu
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Naiuou's avatar
I really like the effects, and the green tone here are blended beautifully 
Nimiszu's avatar
Ooh I love this green-blue/teal palette :la: Thank you so much :love:
bunnycloud22's avatar
I see triangles and my mind immediately thought "Zelda" xD and nice landscape!
Nimiszu's avatar
Thanks again! Zelda? I dunno... never played any of the games ^^;
bunnycloud22's avatar
Zelda is awesome~!!! Not the best games in the world but awesome~! Childhood! Link icon Legend of Zelda - Emote 
Nimiszu's avatar
I've heard a little about it cx Haha it definitely sounds interesting^^
JustALilStory's avatar
Nicely done, you definitely know where putting your efforts will be most fruitful! Some damn nice shit here... :DI love the wispy attitude!
Nimiszu's avatar
Aha wispy and shiny indeed! Thank you very much C: 
AbdouBouam's avatar
Nimiszu's avatar
Thank you very much :D
DorofeyVolk's avatar
Whoa that drawing looks so awesome, I love how the atmosphere came out :D
Nimiszu's avatar
Thank you!^^ I'm glad you think so :>
AStoKo's avatar
Clap Heart Super! 
Nimiszu's avatar
Thank youu ;_; :la:
Zazwaki's avatar

Another beautiful piece. Love the details on the castle, the dragons, and the color scheme.

Nimiszu's avatar
Thank you very much :hug: ^^
Zazwaki's avatar
Your welcome Huggle! .
ashenrisen's avatar
this is wonderfully done!=) excellent job
Nimiszu's avatar
Ahh thank youuu :D
ashenrisen's avatar
thank you for drawing such a beautiful picture=)
QuietFox-Arts's avatar
Wow!! This is gorgeous, I love the castle and the dragons :love: and the contrast of the soft colors is also brilliant :D
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