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Never Gone

>>Art © Nimiszu 2021 
Program-- Procreate for iPad, Photoshop | Time-- x
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N E V E R   G O N E


They’ll always return, from under those distant arcs that used to be so foreboding, and over the mysterious crater that continues to lie still.

"I remember this spot being the first place I knew. After a restless sleep I woke up here, during a sundown similar to this one. All I remembered was cold. I’d hear stories of high-flying geese that used to traverse these skies before, when they say it was warmer.
Instead of seeing them in motion, most of the ones I ever saw were like carved statues; wings extended but as if stopped in time, fallen to the ground. So seeing them now, making their way into the sunset, felt more uplifting than I could ever imagine.”

- Aizia

I was inspired by finally seeing something you’ve wanted to see. Like a specific phenomenon, thing or place- even a simple sunset in just the right location can feel amazing, with that little moment of excitement.

This is someplace familiar yet still intriguing to Aizia. What do you think this place holds for her, and the frozen world’s past? 🌸

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Feel free to comment as well, I really appreciate them! Thanks for viewing my art~

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Woah, that's so gorgeous

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Thank you so much! :love:

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Receiving a few artworks from you in my watchlist at the same time is never being able to decide which one to fav first ❤️

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Aww that’s incredibly kind :’) Thank you!

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The little story to go along with the image is perfect. Such beautiful sentiment. :heart:

Love the perspective here, almost looking down on the birds as they're looking at the scenery. Gorgeous work! :D

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Ahh apologies for getting back to you a bit late here, but thank you :heart: It's always my favourite, to add these stories and sentiments to my work! I'm so happy you enjoy them too ^^

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Ahh thank you!! ☺️

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